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Chirpy India review
Handcrafted Brown Leather Sandals

If threads of India reach your doorsteps from the far remote corners, wouldn’t that be an ecstatic moment? My one such with Chirpy India and here is all about the brand that dares to take the challenge. And there is another brand that dares to topple the photography paradigms- the all new Huawei P9 with amazing camera and superior image quality. Huawei P9 is smartphone reinvented. Leave your DSLR at home, the phone gives you high quality images and all the pictures below are a proof.

Chirpy India is a portal where every design has ethnicity in its roots. Founded by Sanjiv Sivaraman, “What you can get in Chirpy India, you can only get in Chirpy India”. Inspired by the soul of Indian cultures, the products here are a hybrid art variety. The brand brings together a spiral of contemporary designs, luxury class and an ethnic charm. The platform works with “regional” and new age artists to revive the charm of Indian traditions and bring them on our clothes and inside our homes. It’s a superlative way to reach the audience sitting in metros and connecting them with artisans from all corners of our country. Cheers to the whole team that makes this possible.


Chirpy India review
My Chirpy products.


Chirpy India review
Handcrafted Brown Leather Sandals


Chirpy India prices
Ivory Red Black Cotton Toda Embroidered Stole

Chirpy India review

Product Line
A wide range is available on Chirpy India that comprises of:
  • Accessories that include shawls, scarves, stoles, bags, tablet sleeves, stationary
  • Footwear for him and her
  • Home textiles: cushion covers, table linens, bed linen
  • Home Accents: Decor, serveware
  • Art
  • Personal Care
  • Food: Chocolates, herbs & spices, tea & coffee
Based in Bangalore, the brand gives back a certain percentage of proceeds for social initiatives and rural communities.


Return Policy: Returns are accepted within 15 days and delivery time is within 2 to 4 working days.


Must checkout: Leather footwear, Toda shawls & stoles and Home textiles.


Chirpy India review
Pure leather for that unmatched comfort.


Chirpy India review
Let’s take them for an outing.


Toda embroidery shawls online
The stole that goes with me everywhere now-a-days.

My experience with Chirpy India


The brand has been so awesome to send me two products of my choice. Since I have a fetish for footwear and stoles, voila they send me that.

Handcrafted Brown Leather Sandals: The footwear is a lovely handcrafted brown leather sandal that has genuine leather as upper material and thermoplastic rubber at the sole. Totally comfortable to wear, this flat sandal takes me places with ease and comfort. Price: Rs 900/-.


Chirpy India website
The products are as chirpy as the brand!


Toda embroidery stoles online
Toda embroidery in all its class.


Ivory Red Black Cotton Toda Embroidered Stole: Toda embroidery has a classic elegance and distinctiveness in look and weave. Panels of red and black are spaced apart on a white background. Geometric patterns highlight the embroidery and the precision makes it a signature piece. This handcrafted product can be worn over a kurta or a top and you can breeze through the day in Indian-ness.

Chirpy India is all about uniqueness. The products are happy and when they reach you, you turn happier. Head over to their site here and see the awesomeness yourself. Time for me to walk out in these happy products.

P.S: Thankyou Huawei P9 for bringing these shots alive for my readers. If shots are crisp and can be easily corrected for enhanced images, life becomes faster and the phone becomes all the worth for its bucks. If you are looking for a phone, do check out Huawei P9 review here and get yourself this beauty.

  1. Hi Tanya,

    I’m so glad to visit the Chirpy India, it’s really one of the perfect online shopping portal for a people who are the fond of taking paintings and decorative stuffs. I was really unaware before Chirpy India and I knew about it reading your wonderful review on chirpyindia.

    I would like to say many many thanks to Sanjiv Sivaraman who is a founder of ChirpyIndia. This portal really defines the original culture of India. I became fan visiting such wonderful portable filled with the latest and trendy design and art.

    Here, I have looked an awesome collection of hand made things which is really amazing in look. Love handcrafted brown leather sandals which you have included here

    – Ravi.

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