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Chikankari is the traditional embroidery style from Lucknow, believed to have been introduced by Nur Jehan,Mughal emperor Jahangir’s wife. The famous art has passed on from many centuries and is a source of income and satisfaction for the artisans of Lucknow.

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The artistic threadwork originally done on muslin is available on all kinds of fabrics today.The beautiful patters are available on cotton ,chanderi, georgette, silk, crepe et al  to suit the changing lifestyles. Chikan work is available on Salwaar Kamiz, Sarees, kurtis, skirts, dupattas etc. to home Décor including cushion covers, pillow covers, bedsheets, table tops and can be customized. The elegant threadwork is a delight for the king and the commoner alike.

Chikankari Kurtis

Chikan embroidery is a form of hand embroidery done with great care and intricacy. It is a laborious and time consuming task so as to give the exact precision and élan.The different types of Chikan work done are Tepchi, Bakhia, Murri, Jaali, Phanda, Chaana Pati,Ghas Patti ,Hatkati etc.

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The threadwork ranges from small delicate portions to elaborate affairs. The designs are modified from typical paisley motifs and floral bunches to meet the modern consumer demands. The designs are a journey from Mughal era to contemporary likings .Every wardrobe in India should at least have one Chikankari garment to understand and feel the character of the craft.

The beautiful patterns, colors, embroideries, fabrics –have an irresistible magical affect and are perfect to beat the heat and calm the senses.
The rich shades of Mughal era , the essence of Lucknow ,the flamboyance of thread work, the artistic handwork , the folk tunes of yesteryears ,the custom practiced by generation of weavers –all form the soul and heart of Chikankari. One can find a lot of chikankari suits online nowadays. Stay tuned to Fashion blog India for more latest fashion trends.

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