Chikankari – The White Magic from Lucknow!

Traditional artisans in northern India are famous for their Chikankari work all over the world. It is an ancient art and workers have been practicing it for generations. Chikan work is basically an ancient type of embroidery work which involves making beautiful and artistic designs with the help of a needle and thread. The fabric on which the embroidery is done is called the chikan cloth. Lucknow is famous for its chikan fabric all over the world. The chikan fabric and the art of making chikan embroidery hasn’t changed since centuries.

Chikankari embroidery: Weaves of North India

The workers involved in doing this art still use the ancient methods to carve the designs on the fabric. It was amongst the favorite clothing material for the kings in the ancient days but now everyone wears it as general clothing. It is a lightweight fabric and people prefer to wear it in the summer time. You will be amazed to know that the apparels made out of Chikan embroidery can easily combine with modern clothing so it proves to be a great combination especially for the younger generation.

Chikankari kurtas

The Youth Angle of Chikankari embroidery:

Though, the art done on this fabric looks hardcore traditional but you can also customize the art as per your needs. Here are some ways you can use Chikan work to look funky in your daily life. It can easily give a cool look if done in a proper manner. Many youngsters combine the chikan kurta and kurtis with jeans and other western clothing. The best thing about chikankari and the fabric is that it can easily fuse with the modern garments so you do not have to take much time to dress up yourself. Wear jeans and put up a lightweight chikan kurta and you are ready to go anywhere. It is a casual type of clothing but many people prefer wearing it on special occasions. You can easily find almost all types on chikankari clothing to wear on any occasion. In the recent years, the workers have eagerly started making modern styles on the fabric to keep up with the needs of the youth. The traditional attire reflects the modernistic art. It comes as a great fusion and this is one of the main reasons for the popularity of this work amongst the youngsters.

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There’s Something for Teenagers Too!

Teenage girls pay special attention to their clothing and they find chikan clothing to be an excellent accessory for their outfits. Chikan stoles and short tops go very well with skirts and pants. Fusing modern clothing with traditional fabrics has recently become very popular, as many celebrities have adopted this style. Some leading fashion designers have started paying more attention to this type of fashion as it has become very popular amongst the younger generation. Boys also love the garments made out of this fabric as they can easily combine it with the denim wear and it looks very good on them. This lightweight fabric can combine with any type of modern garment and will not spoil the look.

Some More Valuable Trends You Won’t Mind Checking out!

One of the most important and striking features of Chikan is that, it is not only a lightweight fabric but also looks appealing with its plain colors.

–  The Chikan work dupatta is a very popular piece of clothing among the young girls. They wear it with jeans and combine it with a modern top or a traditional kurti. You can easily try out these combinations at home since the fabric is easily available in the market.

–  If you are going to get married soon or are a newly married girl, then try the traditional chikankari sari and lehenga. They look very appealing and beautiful on young girls. Many girls prefer wearing chikan embroidery lehengas during their wedding as it not only looks beautiful but also makes them look like a perfect bride. The artistic designs done on these lehangas reflect the real artisanship of the workers. So if you are getting married in a short time, then you must definitely choose these lehangas.

–  Another famous type of clothing from the chikan fabric is the designer and lightweight plain tops and tunics for young girls. The chikan work on the plain fabric looks excellent if you wear it with a dark shade. Try combining dark denim jeans with long or short kurta or kurti and you will be surprised to see that it will match perfectly.

–  Chikan embroidery sherwani is another piece of garment that is very popular among the young boys as they prefer it on special occasions like weddings.

–  Chikan suits with chunky jewellery. Try out big hoops with a full chikan suit and rob the evening.


One of the most definitive things about Chikan is that it is available as per the budget so as a youngster, you do not have to shell out heavy money from your pocket to get it. The summer season witnesses a tremendous increase in the demand of this fabric as it is made of thin clothing material and lets the air pass through. It not only keeps you cool in summers but also adds that élan in the look.

To Sum it Up:

The garments made out of this fabric can be easily divided into two main categories: one that you wear on special occasions and the other that you wear in your daily life. They can be very pricey and comparatively cheap depending on the quality of the work done on the fabric. Though, this art is traditional but it can serve the needs of the young and not so young alike. So, the next time you want to buy something for yourself, try out this fabric. Just visit the nearby chikan shop and they will show you the zillion products that match your taste and generation… Let’s Expresso in Chikankari !

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