Check my room’s new look with Dr.Soft’s Luxurious and Fluffy Sleeping Pillows, Cushions & Runners

Dr Soft home decor review
The pillows, the cushions, the rug: They have changed the look of my room.

I just refreshed my room with Dr.Soft home decor products and I can’t keep calm!

Since I coach on healthy mindsets and well-being, one of the sure shot ways to ensure well-being is through a good night sleep. And for a good night sleep, your bed and pillows have to be comfortable and friendly. Dr.Soft helps there.

I’m a minimalist. I’m a conscious shopper. I value my money. I value my sleep. I value my well being.

For me, a good night sleep is important to calm myself at the end of the day. It is equally important to get up fresh the next day. Dr.Soft sleeping pillows help there. I’m having a good relationship with these pillows.

Dr.Soft’s Luxurious and Fluffy Sleeping Pillows Review

Dr Soft pillow review
Comfortable pillow support for daytime relaxation.
Dr Soft pillow review
Ample back support for comfortable readings.
Dr Soft pillow review
Fluffy cotton pillows with adjustable softness.
Dr Soft pillow review
Extra fibers are provided with the package absolutely free to help you adjust the softness and fluffiness of the pillows.

Here are the benefits of using Dr.Soft’s Luxurious and Fluffy Sleeping Pillows:

  • The polyester cover is adjustable & washable. It is made with high quality superior polyester.
  • The pillows are filled with 100% hypoallergenic poly fiber to ensure sniffle-free sleeping.
  • The soft, silky and durable fabric ensures a cozy sleep.
  • The pillows support the neck, back and the spine.
  • Here is the highlight: you can adjust the softness of pillows as per your requirement. The pillows come with a chain closure at the side to adjust the softness/ fluffiness according to your convenience. Just open the zip and take the inside material out if needed. Extra fibers are also provided (free of cost) with the package to increase the fluffiness of the pillows. With usage if you feel that the pillow has shrunk, just add the extra fibres to get back the perfect pillow shape. How cool!
  • The pillows are apt for indoor and outdoor use. The high quality cotton fiber is soft & comfortable.

The cushions are quite fluffy, neither too soft nor too hard. It’s just what I need for a relaxed support. Since the power to adjust the thickness is in my hand, I can use it anyway. I use them while sleeping; I lean on them while reading or watching TV. Basically, they are good to go for all purposes. We often neglect the pillows, but they are an important ingredient for a good night sleep.

So, whether you’re a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, this pillow is perfect for all types of sleepers. The pillows come in 2 sizes (16*24 & 17*27 inches), the regular and the bigger size. Depending upon your preference, go ahead with any.

You can buy Dr.Soft pillows online here.

Let’s talk about the Dr.Soft Cushion Filler with Zipper now. They have all the advantages of the pillows. They are soft, fluffy and come with extra fibers to keep the cushion shape intact. The cushions come in 5 sizes and I prefer the regular 18*18 size. I love keeping them on my bed and use them a lot while reading. They become like a table on my lap. If nothing else, they just make the bed look stylish.

Last but not the least, I’ll talk about the Microfiber Runners.

Dr.Soft Runners Review

Dr Soft pillow review
Soft to touch- an accessory that can highlight the room.
Dr Soft rug review
Soft Microfiber Stripe Bedside runner
Dr Soft pillow review
The runner can also be used in the kitchen or drawing room.
Dr Soft bedside runner review
100% Colour fast, water absorbent & machine washable.

Just looking at them is pure delight. They have taken my bedroom experience to another level. I’m always on the lookout for graceful products that are beyond the realm of time. I do not go for products and colours that bore me in 6 months time. Sustainability is a key factor for me in all my selections. Both my runners are those pieces that will be a part of my bedroom decor for a minimum couple of years.

Dr.Soft Microfiber runners feel soft and comfortable when I step on them. They can be used in kitchen, bedroom, living room or as per your choice area. I prefer them in my bedrooms. I sit on them and do my work sometimes. They are perfect during the winter season to add a touch of warmth to the room. These colours won’t bore me for a long long time and that’s what I want in all my choices.

My room’s done with aesthetics and comfort, thanks to Dr.Soft. Suggest you revamp your room too. It’s the place where we spend the maximum time, has to be the best.

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Stay Safe, Stay Protected

💜 Tanya, your fashion & mindset coach.

P.S: The post is in collaboration with Dr.Soft. The opinions & experience are mine.

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