Caveman Prince : short bedtime story !

Caveman Prince- short bedtime story

Her goes a short bedtime story for a quick gripping read…

On a dark thundering afternoon the Queen of Mesopotamia was travelling  in her chariot & passing the jungles to reach the Palace. Suddenly the wheel of the chariot came out & the Queen fell off the running chariot .The horses with the chariot, horseman & the body guard fell off  and tumbled down in the flowing river .

The pregnant Queen was rescued by a passing sage who took the Queen to the cave where he was staying. The Queen lost her memory and the kind sage feeded and treated her with the jungle fruits and leaves. He attended the wounds of the queen with remedies prepared from the jungle herbs but the Queen did not wake up and could not regain her memory. Days passed and the situation of the Queen became critical and one day she delivered a baby boy and left for the heavenly abode.

Seasons passed, the caveman grew old and the young boy achieved adulthood. The training given to the boy made him a caveman wearing shaggy animal hides, armed with rocks & cattle bones, perceived unintelligent & aggressive, friendly with all the animals in the jungle, playing, eating and living with them.

More seasons passed and on one thundering day the princess of the neighboring state came for hunt & whilst chasing a tiger lost her way & fell in a pond of mud and began sinking in it. She screamed for help, shortly her horse caved in the mud pond as she screamed louder for help. The jungle cave boy heard the echo for help, but could not understand the hidden meaning. And again on hearing the scream he reached the site. On seeing a fair beautiful princess screaming he could not decide what to do as had seen a girl for the first time. The princess started yelling on him & cried for help. Without understanding the meaning the boy returned back and to the delight of the princess, he swung back with the help of falling branches of the neighboring trees and rescued the princess the moment her lips were about to sink in the mud pool.

The princess lay on the ground, trembling, afraid and helpless. The boy could not understand the need but jumped back to get a bowl of water to clean the mud and muck off the princess face. The princess got up and tried to talk and thank the boy, but could not make him understand the message. She was so delighted by the acts of the boy that she decided to thank and oblige by teaching the boy & bring him back from the caveman life style to the palace life style.

In a short span of time the princess completely changed the boy & made him look like a brave, well mannered, polite and humble prince, with the basic jungle courage, swiftness of lion,  speed of tiger, calmness of the cat. Serene like the morning breeze, the prince graduated as a soldier .

Soon the news swept in the kingdom about the transformation of a jungle caveman to a warrior. The news of a fair handsome warrior spread like wild fire and reached the neighboring kingdom with the fact that the warrior’s face resembled to the Queen of the Mesopotamia. The ambassador of the kingdom came and on finding the similarity and identical birthmark to their late Queen, concluded that the warrior was none other than the son of their King. On his return to Mesopotamia he narrated the story to the king. On hearing the story the king himself went to the neighboring kingdom and on seeing the caveman as the warrior lord with identical features of his lost queen, could not control his emotions and hugged the warrior .

Seeing the relationship, the king of the neighboring kingdom offered the hand of his princess to the warrior. The princes got married with the caveman and then they lived happily after.

P.S : This short bedtime story may remind of  Tarzan and Jane or a hollywood/bollywood flick but its an attempt towards writing short stories and hopefully a full grown novel someday…


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