Carlton London Perfume Gift sets: Spray happiness this Rakshabandhan

Carlton London perfume Gift sets review

Here I’m with another post and this time it’s in collaboration with Carlton London. Since 1992, the British lifestyle brand has been offering a wide variety of accessories from shoes, handbags to Jewellery, and Clothing. Carlton London has recently introduced fragrance gift sets for Men and Women and I’m happy to bring 3 of their gift sets that make perfect gifts for Rakshabandhan. Read ahead to know more about Carlton London perfume gift sets.

Carlton London perfume gift sets

There are 3 gift sets that are launched by the brand. All 3 make a very good gifting option. Here’s about each of them. All of these are gift sets of 4 perfumes, weighing 80 ml each in total. There are 4 bottles X 20 gms each in every gift set. The price of each gift set is Rs 1790/-. These are available on various websites. You can check deals to buy the best one.

Carlton London Perfume Women Dazzle Gift Set of 4

The Carlton London Women Perfume Gift Set includes a pack of 4 Limited Edition Fragrances of 20 ml each. The fragrances are good for all seasons and reasons. The fragrances are delicate yet captivating and create a seductive aroma that’s hard to resist.

Carlton London perfume Gift sets review

The combo contains:

Glare (20ml): The perfume is infused with Bergamot, Jasmine, & Grapefruit. It’s an elegant and strong fragrance, perfect for all day wear.

Bling (20ml): Cherish this unforgettable and warm fragrance which blends the seductive notes of Almond, Coffee, & Bergamot for a powerful aroma.

Slay (20ml):  This has the subtle freshness of Lotus, Lemon, and Lily for a Long-Lasting Effect.

EROS (20ml): Take a dose of Kiwi, Pink Pepper, and Jasmine, to enhance your mood & bring a spring in your step with this one.

Carlton London Perfume Unisex Elite Gift Set

This set of unisex perfumes contains 4 variants. Here are all the details.

Carlton London perfume Gift sets review

URBANE : URBANE embodies the essence of Oakmoss and Vanilla, and is complemented with freshness of Mint and Lemon.

Elect : You gotta experience this bold and enchanting aroma that has the fusion of Freesia, Jasmine, Neroli, and Musk. Just rattle your senses with this bottle.

Poise: Poise perfume is a luxurious fragrance. It is an amalgamation of the refined essence of rosemary and the floral freshness of jasmine & oakmoss, further accentuated with the earthy allure of musk and cedar.

Chaos : It smells of Black Currant, Orange, and Sandalwood- very lavish.

Carlton London Perfume Men Iconic Gift Set of 4

Carlton London perfume Gift sets review

The box contains 4 bottles of men fragrances- Blaze, Runic, Defy, and Rogue. This makes a good gifting option for your man. He can be your brother, husband, would be or your boyfriend. It’s a value for money pack with 4 different smells for unique occasions. Defy is a bold and captivating blend of lemon, mahogany, vanilla and bergamot. Rogue lets you experience the uniqueness of exotic ingredients infused with cardamom, musk, and mandarin for a long-lasting aroma. Blaze has notes of pear, ginger, cannabis, and musk. Runic has intense notes of black pepper, lemon, and lavender for a long lasting appeal. All 4 bottles evoke the senses and leave a lasting impression.

All the gift sets make for an amazing gift option. I would say gift yourself one too. You are your best friend. Which one are you picking? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks Carlton London for sending these across for a review. I’m enjoying the Women Dazzle Gift Set of 4 currently.

See you around soon. Till then, follow me on Instagram here.

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