Camabeds Air Lounger Reclining Chair Review

Camabeds Air Lounger Reclining Chair Review

Gone are the days when we could have huge beds in our houses. With space constraints, having modern contemporary furniture is the best solution. I recently got Soffino Air Lounger Reclining Chair from It is indeed a great piece. So if you’re looking for classy and affordable furniture, then this should be helpful for you. Read along!

I was looking for a comfortable recliner cum bed, but with my busy schedule I just couldn’t get the time to scan furniture markets and choose from a plethora of products. Thankfully Camabeds came to the rescue. Stuck in traffic, I was casually browsing through the website when I came across Soffino Air Lounger Reclining Chair. It was an instant hit. I knew this would suit my needs and fit my budget.
Redefining style and comfort.

Camabeds Air Lounger Reclining Chair Review

About Camabeds

It is a brand of affordable, convertible metal furniture focusing on young independent individuals. The stunning designs, utility of furniture, and amazing price range has made the brand a favorite of many. It is catching up quickly and has a wide range of beds.

Style meets utility 

If you or your spouse has a transferable job, then such kind of furniture is ideal for you. It is compact and stylish, so you wouldn’t have trouble in packing and moving. Also the solid chrome legs make it sturdy and robust, so you can transport it without a worry.

Soffino Air Longer Reclining Chair
Its a good deal when you get 4 in the price of 1…

A lot of young couples who are just starting their married life don’t want to invest a lot in furniture. For them getting multipurpose furniture is what works best, and Camabeds has some great variety.

Soffino Air Lounger Reclining Chair is not just a chair. It can be converted to a lounger, bed, and sofa. Now that’s what we call truly multipurpose. The super soft fibre cushion base gives it a very soft and comfortable feel. You can spend hours on it without hurting your back.

Additional Information

  • Size – 135 X 56 X 45cm
  • Overall height – 87cm
  • Color – Red
  • Assembly Required – Yes
  • Main material – Fabric review
    Read, relax, have a good time.
Camabeds Air Lounger Reclining Chair Review
And then you can snooze off….

I love spending time on my comfy recliner. Whether it is reading something after the entire day’s work, or becoming a couch potato on weekend and watching my favorite TV shows, Soffino Air Lounger Reclining Chair is my favorite spot. The bright red color is something that catches the eye. You can throw a beautiful cushion and it looks like a statement piece.

The best part about the recliner chair is that it is quite lightweight, so you can easily move it from one room to the other. It comes with special folding system that enables multiple back positions for complete comfort.

Head over to and choose from a wide variety of products. You can choose from –

  • Folding & Rollaway beds
  • Wall beds
  • Sofa beds & Recliners
  • Beds
  • Bunk beds

You can also shop for their products on Amazon, FabFurnish and other online portals. So go ahead and invest in these comfortable chic beds.

Price – Rs 11,430/-, available at Rs 7,999/- at the moment. Hurry!

If you’ve shopped from Camabeds, do share your experience in the comments section below. And stay connected with us on all our social media-  FacebookTwitterInstagram.

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