Broomberg Cleaning Review: Get your House Spic n Span

Broomberg Cleaning Review
Getting into the thick n thin of the Living room.

One thing that irks the most is an unclean house. By being unclean I don’t mean the regular brooming and dusting, I mean the dirt inspite of that. The dirt on the walls, fans, hidden corners, unreachable corners, tube lights, inside lamp shades, behind the curtains, under the sofa and the list goes on and on. And not to forget, the floor & the tiles in the bathroom and the kitchen- it just doesn’t seem to be spic n span inspite of the maid getting strict instructions to clean everyday. We are all in this roll and we are all looking for something more than what our maids can do or what our own hands can. And who wants to dirty the hands after a week’s rut at work? Not me and not you for sure. So while I cursed my maid every second day for not keeping the house spic and span, I realised it’s not even her mistake after all. How much can she do? For somethings require more in terms of efforts, tools and expertise. And that’s how my search for a solution led to Broomberg, premier cleaning service providers. Below is the complete Broomberg cleaning review. This is one review you will thank me for!

On a good Monday, the team of Broomberg entered the house like a consortium of dedicated and passionate workforce with a courteous smile. The two member team understood the briefing of cleaning the kitchen and the living room area & immediately swung into action. The cleaning process was mechanised like a manufacturing line operation not as a tangible assembly of assets but with a collective representation of ideas, beliefs of outperforming the sequenced tasks with excellence & timely execution. Soon the lux level in lights increased, the kitchen got a shining, sparkling, dust & grease free neat & clean look, ready for the Diwali guests to appreciate (& feel jealous) for the cleanliness level. All the grease (the great Indian Tadka) spillages, fumes on tiles & modular kitchen and the door was removed (vanished) & welcome look was in place. The kitchen breathed the fresh air!

Broomberg Cleaning Review
Team Broomberg in action!
Broomberg Cleaning Review
Cleaning the greasy, super dirty exhaust fan.
Broomberg Cleaning Review
Getting into the thick n thin of the Living room.
Broomberg Cleaning Review
Cleaning the walls for a neat drawing room.

The living room was selected next & the light fixtures, fans, sofas, tables started getting vibrant as the team moved from one activity to the other & soon the room became clean and lively after the cleaning operation.

The process took six hours but the effort was timeless.

Broomberg cleaning review, to sum up:

  • Good first impression
  • Smiling faces unlike the maids who sway at every extra instruction for cleaning. 🙂
  • Capability to deliver beyond expectation results
  • Competency & commitment for quality
  • Safety first standards
  • The team at Broomberg is always ready for suggestions.

For all the Services & Pricing, you can check and speak to their customer care number or fill a form at their site. They get back in 24 hours. They have packages for the complete house, specific areas like toilets, kitchens etc, sofa/carpet dry cleaning, floor scrubbing, car cleaning and so on. You can speak to their customer care and they will help you depending upon your requirement, area size and level of cleaning. The cost for cleaning as quoted to me:

Living area- Rs 2000/- and Kitchen 1800/- + tax.

Affordable rates and satisfactory services are their forte. Rest assured, they are addictive. I’m already planning for my bathroom next.

Last word for Broomberg cleaning review: Go from Dusty Dirty Greasy to Dainty Dazzling Dust Free Home.

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