Book Release: The Ethics in Public Domain by Dr Amna Mirza

Tho Ethics and Public Domain

The 23rd New Delhi World Book Fair held from February 14-22′ 2015. With Korea as the focus country, the fair had a theme of Suryodaya: Emerging voices from North East IndiaBooks opening the mind. Doors opening the future became the meaningful slogan of the fair. And in- between the much hustle and bustle, The Ethics in Public Domain by Dr Amna Mirza released with much acclaim and acceptance.

“The Ethics in Public Domain” has been edited by Dr Amna Mirza who is an Assistant Professor at a prestigious college of Delhi University. The book is a compilation of strong articles from prominent academicians of various universities. The main aim of the book is to introduce central ethical issues of public policy and public debate. The various broad themes of the book try to reflect on several aspects of everyday life. The book tries to bridge the gap that exists between academics and everyday life and has been patterned in line with the syllabus of concurrent course at Delhi University.

Tho Ethics and Public Domain
Book Launch: Lighting the Diya.
Tho Ethics and Public Domain
Dr Amna Mirza speaking to the press.

The book has been written in easy language with best attempts to make it a treasure read and add to the stream of knowledge. It aims to enlighten minds of citizenry on concerning ethics & morality in public realm.


1. What is Ethics ? : Subjectivism, Relativism, Good, Moral Standards 

2. Family, Marriage and Dowry

3. Structures of Inequality : Caste, Hunger, Poverty

4. Media and Ethics : Agency, Privacy Censorship

5. Secularism and Tolerance

Tho Ethics and Public Domain
Launch of the Book with Distinguished guests.
Tho Ethics and Public Domain
The graceful Dr Amna Mirza.

The list of Distinguished guests present for the book launch and to appreciated the tireless effort and hard work of Dr Amna, included: –  

1. Paranjoy Guha Thakurta (educator & independent journalist)

2. Sanjeev Chopra – (IAS)Mission Director & Joint Secretary (MIDH),  Department of Agriculture & Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture,  Government of India

3. Prof. Rekha Saxena

4. Shri Mohan Parasaran: Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India & former Solicitor General of India.

Who should read? Apart from the Delhi University students, anyone and everyone with an interest in civics, public administration and keen interest in society issues and society upliftment.

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