Bollywood Style Check

Bollywood Style check

They have the skill, money and the looks to make us pay to be able to watch them perform. And if not the skill and the looks, they still have the money to compensate for both. Yes, am talking about celebrities. Bollywood celebrities, to be more precise. They have an army of people hovering around them, catering to their needs. They have their own personal stylists who select every bit of their attire, right down to their hankies. Therefore looking frumpy and haggard is just not an option. I, in no way, mean to say that they should plaster 5 pounds of makeup on their faces every day. Or that they should not experiment with their styles. By all means, they should. But in spite of all the advice and help they get from their stylists, some celebrities still manage to appear on the award functions and other tinsel town parties looking like train-wrecks. Bollywood Style check for them really needs the check.

A field, a girl in a white sari and rain. For many years this has been the staple scene in most of the Bollywood movies. A voluptuous woman singing and dancing in the rain, wearing a semi transparent white sari, is typical of any Bollywood movie in the 80’s and early 90’s. Vidya Balan is one actress who has tried bringing this tried-and-tested formula back into business, with her film The Dirty Picture. Though Vidya Balan looks amazing in the movie with her polka-dotted retro tyled shirt, and her loose khaki pants, she has been warned by the Fashion Police multiple times to improve her personal style.

Vidya, along with some of her other colleagues, falls into that sad group of Bollywood’s worst dressed:

Vidya Balan: NO doubts about the fact that Vidya Balan is one of the most graceful and skilled actresses in Bollywood. Dirty Picture and Kahaani has got her to the A list. But that Vidya has a poor dressing sense was evident from the very start. But after her movie Kismat Connection, it became more evident than ever when she started to experiment with dresses that were totally unflattering on her. Vidya has, since then, mostly stuck to saris by Sabyasachi. But due to a bad colour sense, Vidya messes up that too by sporting loud colours and unflattering accessories. She has improved with her last hits and her stylist is working on her too but it won’t harm her to work a bit more .Bollywood Style Check

Mallika Sherawat: Mallika’s clothes, or rather the lack of it, have always sparked steamy debates between people. Though she makes no apologies for being who she is, she should definitely make one for what she wears. Am not talking about the length of her dresses, or the fit of it. Am talking about her style as a whole. She brutally murders all standards of ‘style’ and ‘class’ and leaves them to bleed to death. With her mindless dressing, and loud makeup, teamed unsynchronised accessories, she can give Vidya Balan a run for her title anyday.Bollywood Style check

Rani Mukherjee: It’s just sad that a person with the magnitude of her talent is so very clueless about dressing sense. It almost seems strangely cruel that, with all her talents, she is bereft of that. Rani seems to have ordered her stylist to make her look like a teen. Maybe that will explain her weird choice of outfits accessorised with chunky blings. Rani has beautiful eyes and a great complexion. She can do much better.Bollywood Style check

Every woman is unique in her own way and has the ability to look her best when groomed and dressed well. There is nothing such as ‘ugly’. With the right dress, the right makeup, the right nutrients and the right attitude any not-so-attractive girl can turn magnetic. Be confident in your skin, and eat and dress well. And yes, you will be rewarded.

  1. when it is style today’s favorite for people is Sonam Kapoor!!! she lags somewhere but she is still good. n yes shes got money, style as well as class 🙂

  2. Omg…has vidya borroed that lod yellow saree from her ‘kaamwali baai’?? She has horrible dressing sense…cannes festival sarees were a disaster…

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