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Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier review
Me & my Blueair Classic 280i.

My city chokes at the onset of winters. There is smog wherever I look. The CM even shuts schools and construction work for around 15 days. It’s that bad. Therefore, an air purifier has become a health requirement. And just when I was looking for one, Blueair turned a genie and sent one. I’m a happy Blueair family member now. And big congratulations to the brand for turning 25.

About Blueair

Originating in Sweden, Blueair air purifiers are known for quality, design, top-notch performance and technological innovation. In India, the brand is a part of the Unilever family and is a leading air purification brand for home and office use. Blueair uses a unique and proprietary HEPASilent™️ technology to bring clean and healthier air inside our homes and work spaces.
Blueair is widely known for high-quality and sustainable air purifiers. Not just that, their air purifiers consume less energy, make less noise and give more clean air.

Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier review

The shape, size & the look

It’s like a white box that just fits in the room seamlessly. I’ve kept it alongside my bed’s side table and it stands there gracefully. I just plug in and play whenever I’m in the room. It has become my favourite lifestyle gadget.


One word: Supreme. The Classic 280i will ensure only clean & healthy air inside your room. It completely filters the air in the room (up to 26 m²) 4.8 times an hour.
It has smart sensors that automatically sense any changes in the room conditions and ensure producing clean air as per requirement.
Not only this, the Classic 280i has an advanced SmokeStop™️ filter that’s practical to have. It filters airborne viruses, bacteria, and also gaseous pollutants like smoke, chemical vapours, and pet odours.

It’s efficient and silent which makes it a rare combination. Blueair Classic 280i is whisper silent, so I can sleep next to it.

Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier review
Looks so luxurious!

Alexa compatible
It’s way cooler than you can think. It is Alexa compatible. You just have to enable AUTO mode and you’re done. Just connect via the Blueair app (which is how I connect to it) or Amazon Alexa enabled device for voice control. I can easily change the configurations of the air purifier using the Blueair app on my phone. One can use the voice commands on any Amazon ALEXA enabled device. That way you just have to shout out the settings you want and the air purifier will adjust to the command issued.

The Blueair app has an excellent level of customisation that lets you control the LED brightness, child lock, night mode scheduling etc.

Also note that the air purifier can achieve purification at a high level of about 5X times in an hour, which is big feat.


With high Delhi pollution levels, Classic 280i effectively gets the job done by cleaning the air of room odours, harmful particles and gases. You just have to give it a reasonable amount of time. The filter is easy to change and will last almost 6 months on regular use.

Customer Support

Wow is the word. I got an immediate call for setting up the installation. Since I was away, I did the installation later myself. The engineer again called and explained everything on the phone on my request. I have his number saved for future reference.


Rs 36,999/-. You can order online and look for a deal as well.

My final word

With the Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier in my home, I’ve observed these three important changes in my lifestyle:
1. Breathing feels much easier with the purifier. There is fresher air in my room that feels light to breathe.
2. There is a considerable improvement in my daily energy levels. It’s a known fact that clean air affects our physical well-being and I can easily spot that with my energy levels.
3. There is a reduction in allergy reactions to smog, dust, changing weather, pollen, pet dander, and other commonly found pollutants in air. The purifier magically filters smallest & the minute particles of pollutants and brings me cleaner and healthier air consistently.

The Blueair Classic 280i is an all-rounder that is definitely recommended. Blueair meets all my requirements for effective indoor air purification. It is a durable, high performing product & I’ll say go for Classic 280i.

Quick tips on how to choose an air purifier:

  1. Consider your room size. Look for an air purifier whose recommended room size is similar or larger to yours.
  2. Energy Star logo. Always look for product that use minimum energy which helps the environment and help you save money. As per the Blueair brochure, all Blueair air purifiers consumer less energy than a light-bulb.
  3. Look for AHAM logo to ensure that the air purifier has been third party tested for highest international standards.
  4. High quality materials that are sustainably sourced and recycled are used in making the products.
  5. Consider the lowest noise level since you’ve to sleep next to it.
  6. It’s the intelligent era so ensure that the product is smart, intelligent and made for a smart home. It should be wi-fi enabled.
  7. Check the warranty and the customer support. It has to be impeccable.

My Blueair Classic 280i is a check on all the parameters above. Sustainability and what goes in making my products is important to me. Power efficiency in these inflated times is a priority. I care for my environment and urge all of you to use products that care too. Happy to be using Blueair that makes responsible products. In the end, I’m a happy & satisfied user. 🙂

Hope you liked the review! Incase you have any specific question related to the Blueair Classic 280i air purifier, feel free to ask in the comments below.

I’ll be back with another review soon.

Till then, stay safe, stay healthy!


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