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That’s Tanya! Always in well-fitted clothes, always attractive and high on confidence.

I never thought about writing about myself but it’s a famous quote- NEVER SAY NEVER. So here I am today, baring it all and talking about my highs and lows as a fashion blogger and the beautiful journey till now. In this post, I will talk about my journey & growth as a fashion blogger and the lessons learnt. This post will help you in deciding about your future if you’re considering fashion blogging as a career. Let’s begin.

My starting as a Fashion Blogger

It all begun in September of 2011. My cousin, in school at that time was a tech kid. He told me that a platform like blogging will help me write on fashion and earn at the same time. The idea was interesting and within no time, my blog Let’s Expresso was ready to roll. It was a simple WordPress site built on a free theme and it looked wonderful. It was a dream floating in front of me. And then started brand collaborations. I still remember the first hamper sent by a leading skincare brand for a review. It was the starting of my terrific journey as a fashion blogger. I got an invite for a leading fashion show for the first time that year and then, fashion shows became a regular feature of my life.

My journey till now

It has been a rollercoaster journey till now with its share of ups and downs. Instagram became a big competition by 2015 and blogging saw a dip but good bloggers continued. I have tasted my success as an Instagram blogger too but nothing excites me more than blogging here. Blogging gives you the chance to write in depth, to pour your emotions in detail on the white screen and write about topics close to your heart.

Some of my achievements include-

  • Features in magazines
  • Invitations by tourism boards
  • Endless collaborations with fashion & beauty clients
  • Being awarded as the TOP 10 Indian Fashion bloggers in 2018
  • Being a judge at IIT Kanpur for their annual media fest
  • Media partner for various college fests
  • Shot full length episodes as a Fashion Expert for F For Fashion, a Fashion TV serial which is telecasted on Tata Sky  Beauty. You can find my episodes running time to time on the channel. It’s always a delight to see myself on TV.
  • Let’s Expresso was the chosen Blog Partner for the Economic Times – Global Business Summit 2020
  • Any many more coverages by various online portals.

It has been a good ride till now and I feel overwhelmed at my journey.

Finally, let’s talk about the lessons learnt as a fashion blogger.

1. Start Small

Everyone who has made it big starts small. Do not get discouraged by the progress made by others. You are not in a race. Start small, be persistent and everything will fall in place.

2. Have an alternate plan

It is a competitive market. Always have a regular income from your primary source. Keep fashion blogging as your secondary source. Take it to a level where it replaces as a primary source and then only take it full time. Remember this.

3. Persistence is the key to success

There will be low days, lack of business, lack of motivation but keep going. Be persistent and cherish all that comes your way. You will be surprised at your journey. Just keep walking it.

So this is it from my side. I hope you learnt something useful today and enjoyed this post.

Please let me know your feedback and any question or concern in the comments below. I would love to talk on this.

Best always!


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