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Why blogging is important?

Cosmetics, dress & accessories are the pillars on which beauty stands. Fashion is the collective acronym for it and Health & brain are complimentary to Fashion on the ramp.

Fashion has seen a sea change in the present day audience & the catalyst to it is the information technology, fast acceptance & availability to the consumer. What was considered the privilege of the urban class & widely travelled consumer, the advent of information technology has brought the awareness to the remotest location consumer.

Growth in fashion awareness has been exponential in the last decade compared to the complete last century due to the modern day Smartphones, tablets and laptops. Today’s consumer is more optimistic, entrepreneurial, ambitious, articulate & socially aware & informed of latest communication & consumer trends along with the marketing media trends. Earlier fashion had a life cycle of five to ten years as it took time to percolate from Milan, New York, Paris to state capitals, B class cities to C, D & rural market. But the present day gadgets & its penetration to a wide band of consumers in urban, rural market has brought the fashion wish list to the end consumer at a time across the globe time zones. To support the demand, various brands have increased the penetration to villages with population greater than thousand even.

Brands have also got recognition to all segments & this has started the parallel duplicate, me too, spurious, look alike, articles for complete fashion range goods. It is here where the segmentation of customer takes the back seat as same brand design is seen today in Sec A to Sec D at a click of mouse. Quality, reliability is out & availability, affordability & acceptability in masses (so called mangal bazaar market place) market is at its high.

It’s this unprecedented market which has also brought focus to tailor made products & advisors to the chic & beautiful fashion conscious of “A” & “B ” segment consumers & the advertising fraternity to use the private bloggers platform to promote marketing company’s products. The recommendations of the fashion bloggers imagination, passion & conviction, and the word of mouth “say” adds dedication, motivation, confidence for the customisation & personalisation to the consumer/ buyer. This is done by engaging & empowering focus to the marketing activity & giving best campaign results. The business of blogging is taking the forefront as it has become an important part of marketing activity and budgets. A marketing plan without top fashion blogs is incomplete and lacks a personal advertising touch. Thus, blogging for businesses is as vital as any other component. The best of men’s fashion blogs, style blogs and fashion blogs for women should be a part of the marketing plan. One should choose the best fashion blogs for a successful campaign. If you are a PR or a marketing firm, a brand or an advertising agency, connect with me at to advertise on Let’s Expresso: one of the best fashion blogs of India.

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