Why people is brand conscious is new fashion trend

Being Brand conscious
Being brand conscious is the new fashion trend

Why I’m Brand conscious?

Why people is brand conscious new fashion trend for youth in 2013. Street wear is now gradually taking a back street. The new trend in the consumer behaviour is going for brands which involve big name, trendy looks and style. The market is now dominated by brands which the people in the earlier days would not have thought of because of the prices and their mind set. However, now the consumer preference has been pro brands for quite some time. The kind of fierce brand loyalty that consumers have today for their respective brands is commendable. The trend of being brand conscious is a similarity between the youth and the working class. The prices and extensive promotions of brands are also one of the main reasons for people to become brand conscious. Being brand conscious helps in becoming the style icon of the group. The kind of brands people prefer or opt for also define their societal, personal and professional approach and status.

Being Brand conscious

Being brand conscious is the new trend !

The youth of 21st Century believes strictly in the concept of being brand conscious and fiercely brand loyal. However, in between all this, they are also very particular about the fact that a chic look or a desired punk and funky look, is what their brands can provide them with. Why people are so crazy for brands and being brand consious. The people belonging to the working class go for brands that give them a sophisticated and professional look, an appearance that would enhance their personality and to some extent would define their taste in the genre of dressing and approach to their work and life as a whole. The impact of existing and emerging brands is huge as they create an upsurge in desire for branded apparels, accessories, footwear, bags, winter outfits, designer clothes, etc which gives a new meaning to the fashion trend. Nowadays, majority of us feel that brands define us completely and augment our look manifold.

why people is brand conscious

When you use a brand you not only get attached to the brand’s motto and outlook as a whole but also they help in making you realise the kind of products you opt for. The concept has now become that if we do not get connected to any well-known brand we are still not hip enough to face the changing scenario of the fashion world. Even kids nowadays have a say in the type of dresses they will wear or products they will use and those products would come from which brand family. The domination of brands has changed the total societal mind set of the people. Today college going students are more interested in brands rather than the prices at which they are available. Even these famous brands in order to mould the thought process of people in their favour give the apt tagline and opt for the appropriate brand ambassador for the promotion of their product. All these factors as a package create a demand for the brands and gradually owning branded product becomes first the habit and then the necessity of the consumers.


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