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I have always been a rebel my life. I have always defied the norms and did what I thought was correct. My being a rebel never harmed anyone, didn’t bring any disgrace to my family. Everyone understood me and supported me for I was taking my decision from my heart. But when I decided to quit my job after 8 years of successful working and start a fashion blog, there was a hue and cry. It started with the first basic question, “Blogging, What is it?” I knew it would be difficult to explain for blogging is still in its nascent stage in our county. But I was determined and with full conviction, took my leap of faith. So here I am after 2 years of quitting my job, sitting at a not so quiet corner of a café, writing this piece and many more and making a great deal with my life. I listened to my heart and I’m totally proud of it.

Life is about self-expression, about doing things one likes and painting a new color everyday. For some of us it comes not so difficult, for some easy and for some after a great deal of persistence. But then we all have our journeys to walk, for at the end of it all, we are answerable for what we did and did not do. My focus has always been to encourage people to acknowledge themselves, to love their true selves. Each one of us has individuality and we are all stars of a higher canvas.
So my friends don’t let that stark fade away. People who achieve are not the ones who have it easy and do not face any troubles or do not have family issues or money is on a free flow for them. They are the ones who keep it alive inspite of every stone on their path, inspite of every fall down, inspite of every breakdown.
I’m up and running and sometimes I bleed and sometimes I cry…But I keep going, keeping the grip of one step at a time for I see it 6 steps away and it’s the journey of these 6 steps that keeps me going. I have a commitment to myself and I have to deliver for when I will look back, it’ll be worth my while.

#BedHeadThisisMe is a campaign about loving yourself, loving your individuality and daring to break the rules. Bed Head by TIGI brings this fantastic opportunity for you and me to self-express. Get your hair styled at a salon and click a selfie with your hair stylist. Upload it on the brand’s campaign site Here. You could win Bookmyshow vouchers or you could also get lucky to win a trip for 2 to Barcelona to attend a music festival. Your hair stylist could get a fabulous chance to train at the marvellous TIGI Academy in London! I’m surely participating for the love of my hair stylist. More the likes to the selfie, more the chances of winning. So, hurry up! Spread the word, quickly book your salon appointment, click your selfie and upload today!

TIGI India

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