Beat that tan with these 5 tan removal remedies

Summer brings the most sought after worry we cannot escape how much we try. Sun exposure is inevitable and so is tan on our skin. Here are 5 tan removal remedies that can help reduce and fade away that tan.

  1. Suncreen lotions and creams. Never leave your home without applying them. Keep a gap of 15 minutes before sun exposure to let the cream seep in. Re-apply if you can fathom sun exposure throughout the day. Buy the cream as per your skin type with enough spf. Apply the cream vigorously all over the body and not just the face. Do include your neck, nape of the neck, arms and legs if wearing a skirt. 
  2. Cover yourself in the sun. Wear a scarf over your head, sunglasses, umbrella or a hat. Cover your arms using a dupatta or a full sleeve shrug. While driving, use a sun shade on the windows but be careful it doesn’t obstruct your view. You can even wear a shrug while driving to restrict sun exposure on arms.
  3. Consult a dermatologist. If the intensity of tan is high, consult a good dermatologist. Chemical peels, microdermabrasion, beauty facials can reverse the tanning effect.
  4. Tan removal at home remedies. Convenient to apply and use, home remedies are efficient for tan removal. A mixture of lemon juice, curd and honey works wonders on skin. Keep it for 20 minutes and rinse off with cold or regular tap water. One can also use a ripe tomato and scrub it on the skin for tan removal. Cut the tomato in 2 halves and apply the seeds and juice on the skin. Wash it with water after 10-15 minutes.
  5. Good diet and lots of water. A healthy skin will on its own repel tan. Keep yourself hydrated and eat alot of vegetables and fruits and work out. Add all the fresh vegetables in your diet, gulp down juices and chew all the seasonal fruits to have a happy skin.
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