Barack Obama is now a Google+ user !

“Welcome to the Obama 2012 Google+ page,” –this is how the Presidential first post reads. Obama’s Google+ profile has been launched day before yesterday and a ‘verified account’ tick mark confirms the same. It is being run by his reelection campaign. The post furthers the moral by asking followers to stay connected to the campaign.

The president has been active on Twitter and Facebook since his US Senator days. His social media presence is also credited for enhancing his first presidential campaign. He even held a town hall with Twitter in June.

Obama’s joining of Google Plus is an important credential for the recent social network. With the debate still on about the users of Google+ and its taking over the huge Facebook, Obama’s active use of the site will add to its strength.

Britney Spears is amongst the most followed on the Google Plus social network, with CEO Larry Page close behind. Both Larry and the queen of pop have around 7 lac followers .Other prominent figures on the network are Rapper Snoop Dogg and model Tyra Banks.

Google plus boasts over 40 million users since its launch in July. The site hovering the same space as Facebook, is still struggling with user engagement. Facebook, on the other hand is going deeper with the users and their engagement.

Google is wooing the business as well as the political world .Google posted a guide for politician and candidates and offered them instructions for creating a Google+ Page and expanding their campaigns by connecting with voters and constituents. The search giant is looking to leverage the social networking trend by integrating information available with search results.

Google aims to make a seamless experience ,where the product recommendations would be based on the social graph of the person.The results would be more social when the person is signed on – as per Vinay Goel, Director ,Google India.

Orkut – once dominated the social space is non-existent now. Facebook took over the wave with estimated 30 million users in India only. Well ,Google is leaving no stone unturned…and we’ll all know the results in times to come.

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