Bandhani Tie and Dye Sensation

Weaves of North India

The region of northern part of India is famous all over the world for its traditional weaving and designs. Workers practice these arts for generations. These traditional designs have always lured the people. Bandhani is amongst one of the most popular traditional arts that is practiced mainly in Rajasthan. Gujarat is also known as an important hub for Bandhani. The derivation of the word bandhini originated from a Sanskrit word called banda. It means tying a knot. It is a typical dying art and practiced all over northern India. You can find many words for bandhani like Bandhej or Bandhana. People from different regions call it by different names but the procedure of practicing this art remains the same. It involves tying as well as dyeing many pieces of silk or the cotton fabric.

how to make bandhani dupatta at home

Some common and popular colors, which the workers use in this art are black and green. However, yellow and green colors are also practiced on a large scale.  The colors used in bandhani can be natural as well as artificial depending upon the type of cloth or fabric. Workers prefer using natural colors of cotton fabric while some artists also prefer artificial colors to dye this fabric. In the early years, natural colors were used extensively but in the modern time, artificial colors have taken the place of natural colors. Dark colors are primarily used in dyeing the cloths as they can reflect the true essence of the art. The modern times have seen a big change in the way, that people practice this art. Earlier, it used to be handmade but now modern dyeing machinery has taken the place of manual work since the demand keeps on growing every day. You must have also noticed that people now prefer wearing clothes made with this art on regular basis and this has led to the modernization of this art.

Bandhini garments and youngsters

Though, it is a traditional art but young lots have adopted this art in their daily lives. It not only gives a traditional look but also spectacular when fused with a modern approach. One has the option to try out a number of garment products made with bandhani.

Dyed cotton or silk cloth can be used in making different types of garment and decorative products. Bandhani dupatta is very famous amongst the girls. Boys can try out the bandhani dupatta to match with their sherwanis. It gives an excellent look to the person who wears it. Many online shopping stores now sell the products at affordable prices and choices. One also has the option to choose from a large number of fabrics. Some of the most popular fabrics are cotton supernet, Brasso Georgette, Faux Georgette, Brocade silk and Kanchipuram silk. So you can choose your favorite fabric. The silk fabric is on the pricier side as compared to the cotton. This is mainly due to the quality of the silk fabric as it takes more effort in dyeing silk. Bandhini sarees, Bandhini dupattas and Bandhani suits are the popular products especially among the North Indian. If you want to look different on a special occasion then you must surely try out this traditional wear, as it will suit you perfectly. It gives a different look and reflects the true traditional essence of Indian culture.

Bandhani fabric and design pattern

The main reasons for the popularity of this art amongst young people are the beautiful colors and designs on the fabric. Every cloth is unique and it takes a lot of effort to make it.

How to tie and dye bandhani dupatta at home

  1. Wearing a bandini dupatta over a modern suit has become the latest trend in the fashion industry and the youngsters seem to be following this trend on a large scale.
  2. Boys can try out bandhini dupattas to match with their sherwanis and kurta-pajamas. It looks excellent if you combine a lighter shade kurta Pajama with a contrast Bandhni dupatta .
  3. Wear a light color pink or cream suit and add a dark color bandhani dupatta as the accessory and you will be amazed to see the result. It looks astonishingly attractive on young college going and working girls .
  4. Bandhani skirt – a must for every girl. Team it up with a causal t-shirt for the day and a striking silk blouse for the evening. Bandhani skirt looks fabulous.
  5. You can also try combining jeans, kurta and a bandhini stole or a dupatta.
  6. Bandhni table mats, cushion covers and bed-sheets for a traditional interior décor.
  7. Wedding musts : A red Bandhni sari or a lehanga and you become a definite party stealer.

The traditional art of Rajasthan is widely spread and popular all over the world contributing to huge exports and buying. A simple fabric can be craved out as an astonishing piece by using this craft. The pinks and the blues and the greens and the reds and the greens calm the senses and every Bandhni product brings that special joy of possessing a unique artform…Let’s expresso in Bandhani!

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    I was wondering whether you ship orders into the UK? I am wanting to purchase a red tie dye Bandhani duppata in georgette fabric?

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  2. Hi Manmeet. I do ship orders to UK. However I am into the process of sorting some things and will come back to u soon. I would get the Bandhani dupatta arranged for you. Let’s Expresso 🙂

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