Bag trends & Styles- Take a look!

Leather bags for that classy touch!

My bag carries my world around! It is truly our all weather friend. I have atleast 20 bags in different shapes, sizes and colours and all of them truly represent me. Bags add that élan, that attitude and that spirit which we girls only understand. I have jotted down a list of amazing bag trends that’ll help you to gear up for a new collection this season.

  • Fur bags
  • Clutches
  • Bright colours
  • Shoulder bags
  • Leather bags
  • Big bags

Fur Bags

They may not be very practical but are classy and a statement of high-class fashion bags. They look luxurious and not many are seen carrying such handbags. There are different types of fur bags like short fur, long fur, printed fur etc. Fur bags can be complimented with a simple dress to make it look fashionable and sophisticated.

Fur bags for that delicate touch!


A clutch purse is designed to hold a few necessities like a driver’s license, a cell phone, and a card. Clutch purses are generally carried in hand and some of them have a detachable chain. These fashion bags are most often used as evening bags. You can wear a plain dress and add on a bright clutch to add some bling to the outfit and give an extraordinarily classy look. Clutches come in a lot of varieties, contours, dimensions and colours to match up with almost all of your outfits.

Bag trends
A clutch bag for that style statement!

Bright colours

Bold, bright coloured handbags are an add on to your wardrobe. It adds a perfect punch of colour to the boring plain outfits. A bright coloured bag perfectly compliment dull blacks, blues, grays and gives a rich interesting look to the outfits. Giving a contrast coloured bag to the outfit is just the thing we need to do and hey we are all set to go.

Coloured bag to add that spunk to the look!

Shoulder Bags

It is a bag worn over one shoulder with a strap that winds around the chest. Shoulder bags are the most comfortable and easy to carry. Just stuff in it and wear it round the waist. They are available in various designs and patterns. Even big fashion bags these days have a long string attached which makes them easier to carry.

Bag trends
Side bags for the look with a twist!

Leather bags

Leather bags add a formal look to the entire outfit. Many brands like Hidesign make beautiful leather bags perfect for office and travelling. The market is flooded with fake leather bags so one has to be careful while picking an authentic leather bag.

Leather bags for that classy touch!

Big bags

Big bags are popular among women with busy schedules. These bags remind me of our school bags that carried our life along. I usually carry such a bag and pile my wallet, phone, keys, diary, cosmetics, shades etc – all in it. There are a lot of styles available in big bags and working women carry them the most.

bag trends
Big bags to carry the world around!

Bags are the most important accessory in a girl’s wardrobe. We can never be happy with one and need many as per the occasion and mood. So my girlies, try out these bag trends and Let’s Expresso- Handbags in style!


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