Are we too fashionable to help?

I read about him and I met him: an old man selling stuff toys at CP, Delhi. He had a young girl sitting next to him on a street bench, probably a passerby or would have read about him and a young guy on the other side, who looked more like a passerby. She was talking to him and trying to help him. We took some stuff toys from him and he said, “God bless” and I believe God will really bless.This is one story and there are many more like his. He caught the attention because someone took the initiative to write about him on facebook and that went viral. But there are many more like him who escape our eyes or probably are too simple to be identified in our search for the branded apparels and accessories. We do not go beyond our fuchsia pinks and scarlet reds to see these people in simple black and white. He spoke in a gentle manner and blessed everyone in abundance- for him every person who took that toy for Rs 45/- was more than human. He looked too simple and weak to even pick that sack and carry it from far and near. His age is to enjoy these fragile years for he has spent his hay days in toiling hard. But I guess life has its own twists and turns. I was standing there thinking hard to understand and realise the life beyond DKNYs and Guccis. It was difficult for him to find the notes in his pocket and identify them, and I am sure it is equally difficult for him to travel and sell at the street. A man with such polished english is over-qualified for selling on the street. And when I moved from there, I asked myself this question, “Are we too fashionable to help?”

Life has its own challenges and when I think about this man, I find my challenges meaningless and so trivial. And I pray deep from my heart for him for a little twist of fate.

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