Kapil Sibal on social media websites

On the ground of cultural ethos, the subtle way of introducing semi censorship in the social media websites of Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Microsoft and the search engine Google, has rocked the foundation of the social networking and the country as a whole. Kapil Sibal clarified that the reason for introducing the bill is to stop sensitive, indecent images and content for going up on these social media websites as they might end up creating controversies and issues that might create a huge political ruckus in the country.

However, the negative reaction from the netizens towards this bill and statement, which is going against all social networking sites, is portraying the fact that these website users are not taking this whole prospect of social media gagging very casually. It is true that since independence, India has always highlighted its nature of being the pioneer in spreading the mantra of democracy. But with this gagging of the social media sites Mr. Sibal is trying to revert us back to the pre-independence era when the concept of Right to Information did not step into the society and people were being deprived of their rights to knowledge and information.

Being an ardent Facebook user myself, the fact that the independence of using internet freely is gradually getting curbed due to this concept of censoring media is highly unacceptable. In the name of upholding cultural ethos, here the telecom minister is trying to change the country into a shadow of democracy. It is not just controlling of democracy, it can be very referred to as hypocrisy. None of the media fields allow the citizens of India to speak their heart out completely. It is mainly the social media websites that provide its users with this facility. This sudden social media websites gagging spree came about in order to save the leading party from getting its name and fame tarnished due to some sarcastic and funny content posted about it and its members. This step is highly unwanted and resented by the social networking sites members as there should be one opening or forum present where the people of the country can come and share their views and ideas on different issues and they should be free from all kinds of government control and scrutiny.

Honestly, the step to gag the social networking site isn’t a very smart move as that might affect the image of the ruling party to a great extent. The best part of the whole scenario is that even many political leaders are also not in favour of such a move. Questions are coming up that whether the government is trying to convert the country into a second China. The whole justification behind this introduction about censorship in the social media websites is appearing very lame and unacceptable to the Netizens. The funniest part is that if we are talking about indecent and sexual content, then it must be brought to Mr. Sibal’s notice that there are separate sites for them already available in the cyber world. Then the question comes back to the same point; why is he so keen on enforcing social networking sites to undergo this category of gagging and banning of content, images and videos? And Mr Sibal, please don’t ban this article.


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