An ode to Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan
An ode to Irrfan Khan!

There is something about him that the whole of the country is mourning. Indians abroad are shedding a tear too. Facebook Wall is flooded with condolences. There isn’t a single soul that hasn’t grieved for the man who touched hearts in a way seldom do. Irrfan Khan, you went away too soon and this is unacceptable. Heaven is a wiser place today!

I remember the evening vividly when I saw Paan Singh Tomar at a cinema hall in the vicinity. Oh, the sheer ease and brilliance of his acting made me a fan. He essayed the role too close to the real character. In fact, we all marvelled at his acting prowess and wondered at the fact that if he played the character on the reel as real as lived in real life. Such is his charisma.

Irrfan Khan
I got this image from Irrfan Khan’s Instagram account. Once upon a time he had uploaded it…..

Here is my small tribute to his larger than life persona. I am in no way capable of writing anything about him but I am trying my luck and pardon me for my attempt.

He flies high above the world that is already fractured

For this world is no fit to survive

Humans have made a big ugly landfill

Greed is the only sin that is alive

Chemicals in food, chemicals on the skin

Chemicals even in our tins

The midnight shouts of a lone woman

Surrounded by a monster who looks like demon

The cry of a baby that turns into howls

When fingers crumble her as if those of owls

This isn’t the world that Paan Singh Tomar strived for

This certainly isn’t the time that Pi Patel’s tricks could pour

Tears sprinkle as I see his snippets

Life is beautiful in simple trinkets

You will be missed severely

In movies, life and humanity dearly

Salute to you Irrfan Khan. You will be missed not only when the comparisons will be done with legends but also when the cinema will go dry with meaningless content. May your legacy continue in our hearts. Respect!

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