Add on collars. Let it sway!

Add on collars have been the fad for quite some time now. They are a must have accessory and many high-end designers have included them in their shows. There are as many styles and as many textures available. These add on accessories add style and elegance and are available in shirt collar styles, t shirt collar, knitted, Peter Pan, studs, embellishments and other styles.

The add on collars maximises a person’s individuality, change the look or impact in an instant. These can be worn over a dress, sweater, top or a t shit. T shirt collar and shirt collar styles are a huge trend this season. Pinky polkas or multi coloured stripes, they are available in various styles and patterns and add that perfect finishing to any dress.

I find them so comfortable and pair them with different dresses and tops. The best part is I no longer need a shirt to wear under my sweater. I can wear an add on collar instead. I can wear my sweater in V neck or U neck or Jewel neck and wear this collar accessory over it and hey I am good to go. The best part is that the entire outfit looks like a single garment as there are no folds or seams showing underneath the sweater.

The add on collar necklaces add a brilliant touch to everything from Tees to dresses and knitwear. The options are there for a spoil from Beaded collar necklaces to Metal necklaces to acrylic and knitted collars. They are available on Zara, and even readily in better malls.

I have teamed them over my cotton dresses or over my t shirts and tops and pullovers. They add that glam and totally take the look to the edge. Shirt collar styles and t shirt collar look just fabulous. They can uplift the entire look in a jiffy.

I am wearing the add on collar over my sweater and see how it has changed the look completely. Nobody can make out that it’s just a collar with pearl beads. So my girls, if you haven’t got yourself the add on collar yet, it’s time to grab one. Add on collars have to be a part of your wardrobe. Let’s expresso collars in style! They are a clever way to flash glamour on an otherwise plain top or shirt without spending more bucks.


  1. Add on collars is a gracefull/tastefull & conceptually commanding & collaborating with the fashion as a style statement ,it changes the look of the dress & the dressed up person ,it adds value to the dress & makes the wearer look — one up in the crowd , the color ,style & material of the collar depend on the basic dress , a good innovative idea by the designer .

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