9 Footwear shopping tips to buy the perfect one

footwear shopping tips
Beaded beige flats are so versatile. Style them in different ways.

Good shoes take you good places! And out footwear shopping tips will take you to even better places!

Shoe shopping is happiness personified. But it is heart breaking when you buy a shoe and it doesn’t fit you properly. Also, when you buy shoes online it can be a major hassle. The size may vary of various brands and manufacturers. You don’t get to know the feel of the shoe and how comfortable will be it be. And worst of all, there are chances that the actual shoe may vary from the one shown in the picture.


footwear shopping tips
Black heels are a must have in your shoe closet!


Put all these troubles aside and find out some handy tips that’ll make your footwear shopping easy and simple.

Take a look at 9 footwear shopping tips below and make your day.

  • Choose what’s right for you

There are so many types of footwear available. You need to find out what suits your needs. It is essential that you buy footwear keeping in mind the occasion, where are you going to wear it and its utility.


footwear shopping tips
Pom pom sandals can glam up any outfit…


Have to wear something for a formal event? Need some casual flats or looking for some flip flops? Make-up your mind before you head out for footwear shopping and you’d be able to search better.

  • Know your shoe size

Visit a shoe store and ask the salesperson to measure your shoe size. Don’t assume your shoe size until you are sure about it. Also make sure you know the width of your shoe.

  • Heels or Flats

Heels or flats? Make this decision wisely. Save high heels for special occasions and events when you don’t have to walk much.


footwear shopping ways
Say yes to wedges!


For everyday purpose choose pretty flats. Opt for wedges or kitten heels for casual everyday wear. These look stylish and are quite comfortable as well.

  • The Wiggle Rule

“Don’t buy a shoe if you cannot wiggle your toes in it” – that’s the wiggle rule. A toe box that’s rounded or squared with plenty of wiggle space is comfortable and highly recommended by footwear experts.

  • Shop at the end of the day

By the end of the day your feet swell up a little. Thus, it is recommended that you buy shoes at the end of the day instead of morning. You’d be able to judge the fitting better and will know if the shoes are comfortable enough.

  • Try different sizes

Don’t stick to one number. Different brands have different sizes and fittings. You should always try on half size smaller and half size bigger. You never know which one will turn out to be more comfortable.


how to buy footwear
Try different sizes to find out what’s most comfortable.


Also, if you buy a slightly bigger size, you can place an insole and avoid foot slippage. But don’t be uncomfortable with a smaller size.

  • Don’t follow the trends

We know you love to be stylish but what’s the use of buying a fancy looking heel that you wont be able to wear more than once. Buy footwear that’s comfortable so that you look and feel good.


footwear shopping tips
Drooling over these teal heels.


It is essential that you buy shoes that work for your body type and complement your overall look. For example, if you are slightly shorter in height, wearing ankle length boots or shoes with ankle straps will only make you look shorter.

Shop intelligently and don’t follow the trends blindly.

  • Don’t buy it if you can’t walk in it

Are you buying shoes or a showpiece? Why buy a shoe in which you won’t be able to walk even 2 steps? Killer heels look pretty but aren’t very practical. Similarly those gorgeous knee high gladiator sandals can become a hassle if you aren’t comfortable in them.


tips for footwear shopping
Replace stilettos with block heels for a comfy chic look.


If you want heels wear smaller ones which will be easier to manage. Consider substituting the sky rocketing ones with platforms or wedges.

  • Buy neutral colors

Buying neutral colors proves to be a good deal. You’d be able to match them with a wide range of outfits. Imagine that a beige flat sandal can be worn with kurtis, skirts and even jeans.


footwear shopping tips
Beaded beige flats are so versatile. Style them in different ways.


Bought a specific coloured shoe to match an outfit and now you don’t know what to wear it with? Why not create colour blocking. Match contrast coloured outfit and shoes for a new look.

It is a good idea to buy patterns and styles that are classic. Don’t buy something that’ll be outdated in just one season.

Here’s hoping that these footwear shopping tips will be helpful to you and you enjoy your next shoe haul.

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  1. choosing the best sandals has always been difficult task for me
    i donot fit the same size sandals always so i have to run shop by shop
    thank you very much for the great tips 🙂

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