8 Ways to avoid spending on short-living fads

A fad, as defined by dictionary, is “an intense and widely shared enthusiasm for something, especially one that is short-lived; a craze.” Do stress on the last part of the definition; a fad is short lived. Sometimes as short as a season. The next season you have a wardrobe filled with junk. The junk not only takes space in your wardrobe, it takes space emotionally and financially too. Everything is connected. It is emotionally draining to see clothes that no longer have wearability. It’s just not clothes, it’s your money hanging in the closet, money that has no value now. Utterly disappointing!

It doesn’t stop here. Fads result in guilt, clutter and accumulation of junk. And we waste a portion of our life, time and resources to get it. I wonder why do we do that. As a matter of fact, I don’t anymore!

Some think that it would result in the most perfect memory and would make us feel cool and arrived in life, but fads offer none of this in the long run. The store takes our money and we’re left with junk. Junk that nobody wants, not even the maids.

We all know that fads come and go in not just clothes but all areas of our lives: technology, home decor, beauty, websites, accessories, fashion and even cars.

And the more we act sensibly, learn to reject fads and mindless trends, the more we have time for things that truly matter.

But how? That’s tricky. Especially given their attractiveness, prevalence and very cyclical nature. I’ll help you here. Do read slowly and mindfully so that you remember most of it, if not all.

8 Ways to avoid spending on short-living fads

  1. Remember that fads are started by brands, manufacturers, marketers and retailers for the purpose of sales. Those sales come from you and me. Their aim is getting us spend money on their stuff….and they rarely have our best interest in mind.

  2. Spend less time in the stores. The stores are designed to tempt you and make you spend on all that you never went inside for. Sounds familiar?

  3. Remove yourself from email newsletters and super tempting special sales days created to amplify fads, trends and products you don’t need.

  4. Practice owning less to own more. When we have fewer possessions, we have more time & money for things that matter in the real sense. Our energies are directed towards possessions that have a long term benefit. We are able to shift our focus towards a more intentional life than in the pursuit of material possessions. One of the best ways to overcome fads is to own less.
    If you want to stop buying new clothes mindlessly, try the #30wearstest.

    If you want to stop buying more & more, be grateful for what you have.

  5. Listen to your weak voice. Most often that not, out subconscious mind tells us that we don’t really need a new outfit or a gadget. And most often that not, our greed kills it. Listen to that weak voice and give more power to it. It only says things for your good.

  6. Be confident in your skin. Our habit of buying more and more is a by-product of low self esteem. We think that a new fad or trend will make us look cool and acceptable. Look within and fix this. No amount of new clothes can fix low self esteem issues. You will only do a hole in your pocket.

  7. Value the power of your money. We can either spend on mindless shopping or on pursuits that matter in the longer run. Take that vacation and create memories. Go to the nearby NGO and create happiness. Those eyes will bless you and that is priceless.

  8. You choose your life. You decide and not let those TV ads and billboards decide for you. You, your life, your choices are your responsibility. You decide and not websites and magazines.

    Fads will come and go but you will remain forever. One fad will die and the other will spring up even before you’ll realise. Fads have short term benefits like those calorie loaded desserts. You can live without them. Live differently. Live mindfully.

    What do you think? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Let’s talk.
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    Take care & stay away from fads!
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