7 unique ways to tie a saree

different ways to tie a saree
Love how these beauties are giving an edgy look to the traditional saree. Source – southindianfashion.com

With the wedding and the festive season coming up, it is time to get those beautiful nine yard drapes out of the closet. Sarees are the quintessential evergreen style statement. Whether it is the gorgeous Kanjeevaram or the vibrant chiffon, they make you look feminine and classy. And our unique ways to tie a saree will make you turn heads wherever you go.


unique ways to tie a saree
Say goodbye to boring old saree drapes.


The good thing about sarees is that you get the freedom to experiment. Wear a saree with a blazer or do a double palla, but do something edgy. Don’t just drape the saree, c’mon everyone does that. A tad bit extra effort will make you stand out from the crowd, so say yes to sarees and say yes to different styles of tying a saree.

For the upcoming festive season wear your favourite saree, but with a twist. Read on to find 7 unique ways to tie a saree.

  1. Bengali Style Saree

Bengali style saree is a favorite of many. It looks super classy and is such an easy drape. You need to wrap the pallu around your body twice, and make sure there are no pleats in the front.


unique ways to tie a saree
The eternal charm of a Bengali Saree…


Tuck your saree around the waist and in the front make a big box pleat. Tuck it in and use your hands to press it. Take the pallu and drape it straight over your shoulder. Pull a slight part of the pallu and pin it at your chest.

Now take the right end of the pallu from behind and bring it to the front. You can tie a quirky tassel to it and simply flip it over your shoulder.

  1. Pant Style Saree

This Indo-western drape was introduced by ace designer Anamika Khanna. It looks edgy and chic. You can ditch the petticoat and wear the saree with leggings or even slim fit pants. For an added oomph you could experiment with leather pants as well.


how to tie a sari in different ways
Love how these beauties are giving an edgy look to the traditional saree.
Source – southindianfashion.com


Take the palla of the saree and drape it over your shoulder as usual. Bring the other end to the front and tuck it in the leggings at the side. Pleat the remaining part of the saree and tuck it neatly in the middle, and you are good to go.

You could accentuate the look with a jacket, embroidered waist coat or even an embellished belt.

  1. Lehanga Style Saree

Want to wear a lehanga but don’t want to buy a new one? Don’t worry, drape your favourite saree in lehanga style and flaunt the look with confidence.


unique ways to tie a saree
Flaunt a lehanga saree for your bestie’s wedding.
Source – lashkaraa.com


The pleats are tucked around the waist to give a flared look. This gives the illusion of a lehanga. You can wear a beautiful dupatta to complete the look.

  1. Double Retro Style Saree

Think retro style saree and a picture of Mumtaz flashes to the mind. This style looks retro chic and gets back the vintage vibe. The double retro style drape is perfect if you have a bordered saree. A printed saree in this drape is a big no.


various ways to tie a sari
Bring back the vintage charm with this gorgeous drape.


You need to get the pleats early without draping the entire saree. And then drape it around your pleats. Make sure you do this by keeping the border at different heights. Moving around can be a little tedious in this drape.

  1. Dupatta Drape

Worn by the fashionista Sonam Kappor, this is a semi-formal way to wear a saree. The palla is draped in the front like a dupatta. The trick is to get the palla back to front and drape it openly across your torso.


unique ways to tie a saree
Slaying the dupatta drape like a pro!


You could wear this look for a sangeet or to a Diwali party. Highlight the drape with a choker necklace and chaandbaalis.

  1. Saree Gowns

If you love a saree for only its pallu, then you’ll love this style. You can get the pallu stitched separately to an evening gown or a long skirt and your very own, saree gown would be ready.


different ways to tie a saree
Saree Gown or Saree Skirt is the new trend. Perfect blend of Indo-western.
Source – panachehautecouture.com


A slim belt or an embellished waist band, popularly known as kamarbandh would look perfect with this style.

  1. Nivi Style

This saree drape is originally from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Classic, neat and very elegant, it is perfect for working women. The saree is draped normally and the pallu is aesthetically pleated and pinned at the shoulder. It is super comfortable and looks very classy.


unique ways to tie a saree
Crushing over this gorgeous Nivi style Masaba saree.
Source – houseofmasaba.com


If you are wearing the saree for the first time this is a great style to start with. You could accentuate the look with a brooch at the shoulder. Wear this drape for a wedding and you can dance around freely.

Hoping with these new drapes you get to experiment with a lot of new looks and styles. With these unique ways to tie a saree, you rediscover the love for nine yards.

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  1. Fantastic elite collection of different styles. Looking forward to more styles from you like the gujarati, maharashtrian, kerala, butterfly, mermaid styles etc. in near future. Thanks for sharing such interesting writing piece.

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