6 types of Sarees for working women

7 types of Sarees for working women
Gorgeous georgette that takes your shape.

Draping a saree is an art and it comes with time. A Saree is an outfit that makes you look beautiful as well as elegant in the most ethnic manner. At the same, it gives you a chance to flaunt your curves like no other outfit. Working women always have a desire to wear something new which can add positive vibes and alot of fun. However, the outift has to be comfortable and fuss free. Here we have sneak into the coolest styles of sarees that can go perfect with your office vibes. Check out the 6 types of sarees for working women that can add alot of oomph and fun to your daily work. It’s time to make your dull and boring working hours fascinating.

Sophisticated dressing is really important for working women. Since woman love for traditional wear has increased massively in the past few years, our beautiful Indian saree is becoming a popular trend in formal wear. These attractive and well-designed pieces of weaves can make you look like million dollars and sufficient to grab eyeballs. Just keep in mind that you are not a Christmas tree walking into the office. The texture, print, colour, drape- everything has to be taken care of. These nine yards can do wonder to the persona of any women.

Let’s take a look at 6 types of Sarees for working women.

Khadi Sarees: Khadi is also known as khaddar and is a hand woven cloth. Khadi sarees are ideal options for working girls due to its classy appeal. The raw colours, rough textures and uncertain designs are simply spectacular and perfect for your office hours.

7 types of Sarees for working women
Play with colours and keep it stylish. Khadi silk for your eyes only.

Formal cotton sarees: Cotton is known for its richness and refined appearance. Cotton sarees are elegant, attractive and eye-catching in their own unique ways. Cotton fabrics are light weight, eco-friendly and extremely reasonable on pocket too. Cotton is easy to wear in summers and the crispness adds a firmness to your look. Pastel colours take summer love to a new height. Add a cotton saree in pink, yellow, light green and magical orange to your wardrobe and play with colours and elegance.

7 types of Sarees for working women
There is nothing more elegant than a cotton saree at work.

Chiffon Saree: Stay light and cool at work in a chiffon saree. Go for simple colours like black, grey, white and pair with contrasting blouses, 3/4th sleeves and a Swarovski pendant.

what are the type of Sarees for working women
Pair a contrast blouse with a chiffon saree for that oomph factor.

Crepe Sarees: Crepe just looks sexy and the way it envelopes the body is like a magical embrace. Perfect to show your figure, this body hugging fabric is great for everyday wear.

Sarees for working women
Black and white crepe to hug you tightly.

Georgette Sarees: If you travel by public transport everyday, then a georgette saree is perfect to take you places. Georgette is pocket friendly, wrinkles less and easy to maintain.

7 types of Sarees for working women
Gorgeous georgette that takes your shape.

Silk Sarees: Winters and silks are made for each other. Wear bright colours to lift up the gloomy days and get into the warmth of silk fabrics. There is something about silks that only saree lovers can understand. You can even wear a Tussar Kantha Embroidery Saree. Tussar is one of the highly preferred varieties of silk. Tussar sarees are exceptionally royal and shimmering in terms of texture. The embroidery over silk is admired and ethnic art work is done on this fabric. These trendy and appealing designs are ideal choices for important corporate gathering and meetings. Must have a Tussar saree in your wardrobe.

types of Sarees for working women
Red and cream- the eternal silk combination.

Saree is becoming popular at work place again thanks to Indian designers like Masaba Gupta, Manish Malhotra, Sabyasachi who are designing specifically for workwear. These 6 types of Sarees for working women are broad guidelines. Choose colour, fabric, texture, designs as per you preference, body type and work environment. Just remember that work wear has to be comfortable so that you concentrate on your work rather than your pleats. If you still do not have a saree in your working wardrobe, time to add one and experiment. Surely you’ll buy another one soon. Happy wearing!

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  2. Hi Tanya,
    This is a great list of daily wear sarees that women can effortlessly wear at work to up their elegant quotient. Thank you so much for sharing it. Really useful. Appreciate your efforts.

  3. Many women prefer wearing sarees at their workplace and cotton fabric adds tons of comfort for sure. It is easy to carry a cotton sari with confidence. You can also find these sarees with bold designs, which make them quite apt for social gatherings too. Therefore, from workplace to parties, these sarees can be worn on any kind of occasion.

  4. Amazing collection of saree!! All the clothes are so gorgeous that it’s always so tough to decide what to pick. Beautiful colours, rich fabrics and intricate embroidery and detailing!! Thanks for sharing.

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