7 Things You Can Do to Shop Sustainably

hot to shop sustainably
Read these 7 ways to shop sustainably.

From shopping bans to sustainability, let’s look at these trying times with more responsibility. Fashion industry, big businesses and us, it’s time for all of us to look inwards and question our own practices. What will move the fashion conversation is responsible Fashion. If not now, then never.

Here are 7 things You Can Do to Shop Sustainably.

1. Bye, bye trends : People are already bidding good byes to one season trends and going for more classic styles that have a larger shelf life. The basic jeans, everyday coats and tops are making a comeback. People are investing in smaller wardrobes that can multitask.

Good Tip: Always see if you can pair your new buy with at least three items in your almirah before swiping your card. If you can’t, leave that piece. Leave it!

Read the 30 Wears test to sustainability and why it matters here.

2. Mix and match multiple times: It’s only about wearing your clothes again and again and taking care of them. I still have some pieces in my wardrobe that were picked a decade back. They fit like butter and look as good as new. That’s how I care for my clothes and my body. I can still fit into them.

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#30wears Tanya Sachdev
Repeating clothes is cool. Mixing & matching is cool.

3. Pass the clothes: Pass them to your cousins, NGOs, maids and the needy. If you haven’t worn something for a year, chances are you will not wear it again. Pass it on and let your wardrobe breathe. Don’t be a hoarder anymore. It just doesn’t work. Being a minimalist is the new black. I am not asking you to have a few items in your wardrobe. I am asking you to have a wardrobe in which you can clearly see every piece.

4. Re-commerce the old now: Rentals, resales and swaps is the new way ahead. Just do it. I am planning to swap my scarves with a friend. Every piece is in a good condition and we both will bless each other. Think about the 10K at least saved by swapping. I will love it.

5. Love thy body: Why? Because body positivity is winning. Older models are walking the ramp and designers are no longer interested in walking sticks. Your shape is your glory and embrace it. Don’t keep that smaller size jeans thinking you’ll fit in it someday. Of course you will. But for the time being, let someone have it who will wear it and make use of it. No?

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6. Say hi to Indian techniques: The age old Indian printing techniques like lehariya, ajrakh, bandhini, ikat, dabu, block etc will take the breath away, as always. There is no match to the spectacular Indian embroidery techniques that create timeless pieces to be adorned year on year. Buy Indian, love our roots. We make the most sustainable fabrics that are sexy too.

Madam marigold Nida Mahmood
This is Nida Mahmood in her collection Madam Marigold. The collection employs the age old art of Ajrakh printing from Gujarat in natural colours.

Good tip: Quality buys last a lifetime. My chikankari kurtas are my summer best. All of them last 4-5 seasons before I give them away to someone else in the family. It becomes a new piece for them. My clothes never loose the sheen. I pay for the quality and durability.

7. Look for handlooms: The future is an extension of the present. More and more fashion stakeholders are becoming responsible towards the environment. I have interviewed three top designers and they all are promoting sustainability in their designs. Look for handlooms that are weaved out of natural colours, organic fibres and lots of love. The hands that weave need our care too.

Check Nida Mahmood’s interview here.

You must check Abraham & Thakore’s interview too.

Vaishali S promotes sustainability like no other.

Imbibe these techniques to make your wardrobe sustainable. Shop sustainably with these 7 tips and make your wardrobe nature friendly. This is the only way ahead.

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