7 fashion combos that always work

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Mix and match is the keyword in the fashion world today. We all love to do it for it’s the best way to recycle the wardrobe. Certain combinations can never go wrong, they are made for each other. Let’s Expresso brings together 7 fashion combos that never go wrong.

Gold & nude

A classic combination of gold and nude looks stunning. Wear gold heels with a nude dress or the other way round, it looks spectacular. Nude top with gold embroidery or gold top with nude accessories, the combination always works.

White shirt and black pants

Oh my God. Totally timeless and so elegant. Wear it to work, to meet friends or for a formal dinner. This combination can never betray you.

Patiala & pumps

My favourite. Bollywood totally epitomises it. Wear nice patialas with pumps and you’ll love it. Team it up with a short kurti and sway away in a total punjabi look.

Track pants and head band

Whether hitting a gym or going for a walk, head band and tracks look chic together. Very girly, very stylish.

Funky T-shirt and shorts

Roam around in them, go uphill or go cycling, T shirts and shorts look cool together. What more? You can further add some fun by wearing T shirts with funky messages. This one has stayed with me for so long, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man mighty tired by afternoon.” 🙂

Printed kurta with plain churidaar

I have done it till death but still it’s my favourite buy. Just buy a printed kurta and mix it with base colors like black and white. Saves you the money of buying a matching bottom.

Short dress and flats

You can run in them, keep pace in a mall and walk yourself comfortable throughout the day. Perfect for beach get aways. Walk the talk in this combo and look really funky. My life revolves in them.

If you have any combo to add, please feel free.


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