7 Effective Kitchen Products for Skin Care

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It’s not hard to find organic or natural skin care products that will make your skin glow. You can find them at your home, in your very own kitchen. 

Today, we will discuss about ingredients that we see in our daily life. Even though these ingredients are right in front of our eyes, we tend to underrate their value especially when it comes to skin care. So let’s start with some basic skincare products that we can find at home.

7 Effective Kitchen Products for Skin Care


You must have seen the advertisements that claim the goodness of raw milk. The last I saw was a body wash nourished with milk and it’s nutrients. It is a fact that milk has several nutrients that can make your skin soft. The lactic acid that it contains brings all the glow that you would want for your skin. Just apply raw milk with cotton on your face gently and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it. It will leave your skin soft and supple.


A lot of us would have encountered the days when our grandmothers used to put yoghurt on their face and we all shrieked, “What an old school thought!”

Readers, yoghurt is an important skin care ingredient. We get exposed to a lot of heat and dust which destroys the cells in our skin. The lactic acid in yoghurt helps to dissolve such cells and give a natural glow. The cherry on the cake is that yoghurt reduces acne and pimples along with blemishes. Look for it in your fridge and apply it right away. Wash it after half an hour.


Every soap and face wash boasts of aloe vera. It is true that aloe vera has great healing properties. It is a good organic cure to reduce pimples, dry skin, blemishes etc. It can be used as a great moisturiser and the best part is that it has hormones that reduce skin inflammation. If you have hair loss problems, aloe vera should be the all time solution because it keeps your scalp strong and prevents hair loss.

Take the aloe vera stem, remove the outer hard layering and apply the pulp directly on your face or affected areas. It’s easy to apply. Just wash it with plain water after half an hour.

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Raw honey can be sticky but it has antibacterial properties that fix all the damages and breakouts on your face. Apply it for 20 minutes and wash. You will see the result in a few days. 


The greatness of this fruit cannot be covered within a few words. If you have dengue or Malaria or PCOD problems or if you want to make your immune system strong or improve your digestion, papaya should be on your plate, always.

Papaya is also very good for the skin because it has powerful enzymes with lightening properties.

Don’t just apply the papaya but take the ripe papaya pulp and mix it with lemon and honey. Apply it on your face for half an hour. This way you also mix honey and papaya and it becomes a two in one face pack.

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If you like cloves, this is the best traditional way of curing your skin. Just take 10 grounded cloves and make a paste with cold water and apply it on your face. It is also often used in face masks. 

Tip: A lot of us have seen cucumbers placed on eyes by celebrities in movies. This is because cucumbers have a very soothing effect. Place cucumber on your eyes while your pack dries to soothe your eyes as well. You can also use it as a face cleanser and be summer ready. 


Lemon is highly underestimated. Its bleaching effect and fragrance is the mood right now. Lemon has natural bleaching properties which is very good for the skin. A little off topic, but lemon is also a very good hair conditioner. Also, women who suffer from yellow nails or rather who use dark nail polishes can rub lemon on the nails to make their nails healthy.

Now that you have read all these benefits and you know the magic of such powerful ingredients, rush to your kitchen and start your skin care right away.

I always say, there is no procrastination with beauty. Start with the basic techniques and the ingredients that you have at home. Try to use one ingredient in at least two days to keep your skin glowing, happy and healthy. 

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