7 Draping Tips to look absolutely hot

saree draping tips
The combination of right fabric and silhouette! Source – Jaypore

The drape of an outfit makes a huge difference in your overall look. Be it a saree, dupatta, or a scarf, you can amp up any look by changing the drape. Wear your usual saree in a different way like pant saree or low pleated pallu for added oomph and girl boss look. Furthermore, wear your scarf in a new drape everyday to look like a goddess from heaven. Try these 7 Draping Tips to look absolutely hot.

best saree draping hacks
Get those Girl Boss looks on point with these draping tips.
Source – perniaspopupshop

Here are 7 power dressing and draping tips to pull off the Girl Boss Look!

1. Saree with Belt

The simplest way to get the girl boss feels on point – pair a simple saree with a belt! From the red carpet to promotional events, your favorite Bollywood beauties have rocked this look so many times. So why not take inspiration from them! The belt adds an element of drama and modernity.

saree draping tips
Belt it up!!
Source – ridhimehra

tips to wear saree perfectly
Girl Boss look on point!
Source – shopify

2. Peplum Blouse

Pairing a peplum blouse with your silk saree is such a beautiful idea! Amalgamating modern silhouette with classic saree gives an edgy feel to the whole outfit. Also this look is perfect for all body types making it so versatile and fashion forward at the same time.

saree draping
Vintage vibes on point.
Source – holichic.myshopify

saree draping to look tall
Chitrangada Sen looking red hot in this Ridhi Mehra saree!
Source – perniaspopupshop

3. Choose the right fabric

Whether it’s a saree, dupatta, or a scarf, the one thing that can make or break the look is the fabric. When you want to look poised and classy, make sure you choose the right fabric.

saree draping tips and tricks
Nothing like nine yard beauty!
Source – Jaypore

Pick a fabric that flatters your body type and accentuates your curves, instead of looking like a bed sheet wrapped around you. Flowly silks, cotton, and chiffon work best. Make sure the saree is draped tight enough to avoid sagging!

saree draping tips
The combination of right fabric and silhouette!
Source – Jaypore

4. Sexy Scarves   

Wear a solid colored kurta with a printed scarf to add some color, or wear a woolen scarf with your favorite jacket and stay warm in winters. The idea is to not just throw a scarf, rather try a different draping technique!

scarf draping styles
Let go of the boring draping styles.
Source – goodearth

Blanket scarf is also a huge trend for fall/winter. It’s casual yet stylish. Here’s how you can tie a blanket scarf.

scarf draping
Stay warm and look stylish!
Source – api.shopstyle

5. Pant Sarees

A lot of us want to experiment with our desi looks but don’t understand how. For all you ladies who want that edge, a pant saree is your best bet. It looks edgy and funky, yet had that traditional vibe to it.

saree draping hacks
Loving this Boss Lady Look with classy pant saree!
Source – Payal Pratap

Pair it with the right heels and accessories and you’ll surely make heads turn. Flaunt this look for an event or for a friend’s cocktail when you want to dance your heart out without the fuss of managing a saree!

pant saree
Sexy and fierce!
Source – payal pratap

6. Experimental Draping

Taking experimental fashion a notch higher with this draping technique! Something as simple as low waist draping can also make a supreme fashion statement. Flaunt your washboard abs or just celebrate your curves with a  low waist saree and these experimental draping tips!! It’s feminine and flirty in the right mix.

sare draping tips to look slim
Tie the saree lower than you usually do for a more sexy look!
Source – ogaan

ways to drape a saree
Say yes to experimental saree drapes!
Source – shilpaahuja

7. Dupatta Diaries

A lot of women dread taking a dupatta and opt for indo-western looks. But when draped the right way dupatta can be such an accentuating element of your outfit. There are so many ways to wear your dupatta – pleated over the shoulder, full open, wrap around, elbow style, high neck etc.

dupatta draping tips
This style of dupatta around elbows is so stylish!
Source – flyrobe

A heavier embroidered dupatta would be best worn full open, while you can flaunt a net dupatta one one shoulder, and a simple chiffon one around your elbows.

ways to drape dupatta
Wrap style – perfect for winters.
Source – goodearth

Read 6 ways to drape your dupatta and look super stylish.

Hope these draping tips help you in more than one way! Let me know what’s your favourite style in the comments below.

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