7 Best Gift Ideas Under INR 2k That Aren’t Boring

If you love giving gifts then this post is for you. I have listed down 7 best gift ideas that will aid you in your cause.

Time and again the thing that bothers the most is what to give. Whether you’re looking for the perfect beauty product for your best friend or a surprise for your indoors-y sister, this list has you covered. Here you go!

7 Best Gift Ideas Under INR 2k That Aren’t Boring

1. A healthier, tastier hamper

There are a dime a dozen options available in the market as well as online for healthy and tasty hampers. I would love to get a peanut butter hamper drooling in health and taste. These hampers start as low as INR 500/- and it’s your wish as to how opulent you want to make it. Give taste and health and make it a double whammy.

2. Drooling Tea hamper

The sweet sound of the word tea or chai can bring a smile to most of us in any situation. Woo someone with a chai hamper that can really speak thousand words. Imagine the fun of opening a hamper and finding irresistible chai inside. Priceless, isn’t it?

3. Skincare hamper

Your best friend will love you for this. Include a face wash, face serum, night cream, toner, sunscreen and make her hug you big time. This hamper maybe a bit steep, but the look on your best friend’s face will make it worth its while.

4. Hair gadgets

Does she want wavy hair or poker straight? Gift her what her heart desires and win loads of love from her. I would love it if anyone gifts me a hair machine to get curly hair. Your friend would love it too.

5. Jewellery hamper

Oh la la! Drop some cute baubles and you’re good to go. Add a pair or two of earrings, some ornamental head bands, stacking bangles and you are the best friend everyone wants to hang out with.

6. Candles

This makes one of the best gifts now a days. Candles, candles and more candles never harms anyone. Pick in beautiful hues, patterns and surprise your way out.

7. Plants

I love it when people gift plants. It’s the coolest piece of life one can gift. Make an assortment of 3-4 table plants in a variety of colours and decorate your besties’ house with love. Every plant spreads happiness and there are many online sites to choose from. Gift me a plant and make me yours!

So this was my list of 7 Best Gift Ideas Under INR 2k That Aren’t Boring. Add a lil touch of yours to any of these gifts and make it adorable.

Happy Gifting!


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