6 Ways to make your clothes Smile!

                       DRESS TO BE HAPPY 

Don’t be a victim of trends. Be classy with classics. More often than not, the mistake we all commit is follow the so called “trend”.

Most of us think that being trendy is fashionable. But in my opinion, if your outfit makes you happy, there is nothing like it. We all have different fashion preferences. Some of us are minimalist while some prefer heavy designs. Fashion sense is very subjective. You can be dressed in a designer outfit or a thrift store dress but how the clothes make you feel is what matters. 

Here are 6 ways to begin living a minimalist fashion lifestyle.

Keep in mind the following points to make your clothes happy. Happy clothes reveal a happier you. Here are 6 ways to make your clothes smile.


You can dress in your favourite colour and take the world by storm. It can be any shade of your choice. If you are a multicoloured person then go for it. Try a blue Monday or a pink Tuesday and so on. Sometimes, just dress according to your mood. If black makes you happy today, go for it. If you think pink is a good colour for today then why not just pick it up?

Tanya Sachdev, radiating positivity in a simple pink .

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The second thing we will discuss is to take risks while selecting your outfit. Taking risks is very important to experiment with fashion. We all learn from our mistakes and it is alright if you hear some negative comments here and there but remember you are not in this world to satisfy other’s taste. You are here to live your own life and be happy. So it’s alright if something turns to be a mismatch. At least you tried and did something you thought was right and liked it. 


If a fashionable outfit makes you feel uncomfortable, it is no more fashionable for you. These days people just talk about fashion but no one emphasises on comfort. Remember comfort is the most important aspect of your outfit. If you are not comfortable, the entire day is already a waste. Now comfortability depends upon person to person. Someone maybe comfortable in a pair of shorts while someone may not really like it. You friend can paint the town red in a pair of stilettos and you may prefer block heels. If what your wearing is comfortable, everything fits into the right place. 

Nikita Dhingra in a simple comfortable dress that makes her happy.


You may be funky or crazy…. who cares? If you like an accessory, just pick it up and adorn it proudly. You can enhance your simple outfit with some cool accessories. Accessories also depict your personality and your choices so, you should be proud of the accessories you choose to wear.


If a new designer has launched a specific design, you don’t necessarily have to follow the trend. You can choose your own design and even make your own design and just give to a boutique to stitch it for you. That way fashion also becomes your hobby and trust me, the feeling of pride when you design your own clothes is immeasurable.

economic times global business summit
Tanya Sachdev creating her own look for a Global Business Summit.


If there is a new trend in the fashion industry, and you like it then go for it. Incase you are not fully satisfied with the trend, modify it, add or subtract elements and make your own trend.

You don’t have to do what others are doing. You should always dress up to satisfy your heart and make yourself happy. If you dress up to make yourself happy, not only will you smile but your clothes will also radiate happiness and positivity.

Good luck. Stay fashionable. Spread positivity with your clothes.

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