6 mix and match clothes combo to work wonders

Mix and match clothes or mix and match colors, Do it smartly to create a trend of your own! We are all living in an era where everything becomes fashion when done smartly and confidently. Stick to the basics and do the variations right, people will always fall for your look and how!

Mixing two fashion combos can open the wardrobe to various new options and possibilities. In my existing wardrobe, there is a plethora of options available to mix and match clothes. I have seen my close friend wearing the Nehru kurta with 3/4th striped pants and believe me- it looked so chic. The only warning is to avoid the fashion faux pas.

There is no fixed rule or hand guide to merge different cuts or colours or patterns, just make sure whatever you do – do it with confidence. Think out of the box and push the fashion fence to the edge. Now, we’ll take a look at some of the mix and match fashion possibilities to turn some heads and raise those eyebrows.

Patiala Salwaar and Pumps
Team up your Patiala Salwaar with a short kurti and pumps in matching shades. Add that western touch to the conventional Patiala Salwaar and create the mix and match fashion fusion.

Be Gold & Be Nude

Pick a nude dress in any shade and wear it with gold sandals or do the other way round. Wear a gold clutch and create a stunning cocktail dress. Mix and match colors in gold and nude.

Polka dots with the favourite Peter Pan collar

Do the reverse. Instead of the Peter pan collar on the dress with polka dots, wear a polka dot collar on a simple dress. It just looks so classy.

Leaf printed blouse with petal skirt

Be nature inspired. Team up the petal skirt with a leaf print blouse for a girlie look. There is a little twist here. Choose a monochrome palette instead of regular shades of green.

Go Floral & Go military
Carry a khaki bag with your floral dress. Add this androgynous touch. You can also wear a military jacket to mix and match fashion combos.

Tribal prints in neon

Wear tribal prints in neon hues of orange, blue, yellow and pink for a contemporary touch. Wear tribal prints in vibrant colors instead of monotonous earthy shades. Designer Atsu Sekhose presented North Eastern prints in bright colors during the Wills lifestyle India Fashion week in Oct’2012. His prints depicted life, vibrancy, colors and newness in tribal prints.

These mix and match clothes ideas are just some from the innumerable options available. Try these and create your own variations and keep experimenting. Have fun and Let’s Expresso variations in style.


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