6 Father’s day unique gift ideas

Father's day unique gift ideas
Father’s day round the corner and if you are a lazy bum like me who still hasn’t got a nice gift for her/his father- time to act fast. I have been thinking of that one gift which is missing in his wardrobe or missing in his life and after much brain searching, I have complied a list of 6 Father’s day gift ideas that will make him feel special and different. Let’s give a regular shirt or trousers or shoes or a watch a miss this time and give him an experience to cherish for a long time, an experience he can boast about, share at kitty parties or with friends and family.

The following are the 6 Father’s day unique gift ideas to consider:

  • Scarf. Salman Khan made it popular again in Ek Tha Tiger and it will definitely make your father remember his yesteryears and the bing time of Amitabh Bachchan and Jeetendra endorsing neck scarves in a big way. You can check the facebook page of Scarves and You. They are coming up with superb scarves for men and women. It’s a Delhi based venture delivering all over India and worldwide.
  • A combination pack of nice perfume and after shave. HE will remember you everyday till the time bottles last.
  • A day at the spa. It’s a Sunday and he can’t say a no. Gift him a pre-paid appointment and let him have a day of his life.
  • A nice lunch get away. He misses and craves the most for your time. Take him for a nice lunch and spend the day with him. He will value it the most.
  •  A date with your mother. He won’t even remember when he last went out with her for a movie. Perhaps when you were in eight standard or before you graduated. Time to buy him 2 movie tickets and a perfect date with his wife- This totally will be Father’s day unusual gift idea.
  •  A 3-G enabled phone with latest features. He may fret but he will love it. Install whats app, facebook and gtalk and make him wonder at the technology. The fun will start when he will get addicted like you. Technology rocks.
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