5 ways to wear your jeggings

5 ways to wear your jeggings

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With winters on the roll, the skirts take a back seat. But the style statement has to be upfront and who would like to hide behind those black n grey top to toe ensembles. The fun with attire has to continue and jeggings do the roll quite a bit. From printed to ombre to solid colours, there is a piece for everyone. Don’t shy wearing them and make the most while flaunting them. When done right, jeggings make a huge fashion statement but when done right. So make it a mandate to include atleast 2 pair of jeggings in your wardrobe this season and if you love the look, plenty is the word.

5 ways to wear your jeggings :

  1. Add eye-conic footwear. Whether you pair your jeggings with heels or flats or knee high boots, it should just look eye(i)-conic. Sleek pumps or peep toes in glossy finishes or suede textures or your favourite wedges, it’s a matter of your choice. Just wear the correct footwear and you don’t have to make an extra effort to be in the spotlight.
  2. Throw a scarf. Match your jeggings with that over-sized scarf or infinity loop. Play with prints or go totally one color and compliment your jegging with your scarf.
  3. Hair bands. Wrap your hair in style with super stylish hair bands and compliment your jeggings an extra bit.
  4. Get cozy in knits. Classic v-necks to oversized woolies, from totally crazy colours to subtle hues, let your jeggings say hi to the outerwear. Add glamour to your winter style by wearing knits that talk.
  5. Play with prints. Go ahead and call it crazy with that perfectly adorned printed top. Bold prints and deep colours go a long way and help you choose from being the daring girl next door or being the beauty with mind.

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