5 Kinds of Shoes You Must-Must Own

 types of footwear

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“I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear.” – Carrie Bradshaw

If Carrie Bradshaw is your spirit animal, you know you have a lot of potential soul mates or should we say ‘sole mates’? Yes, shoes. They can be trendy yet timeless, sophisticated with an edge, and the perfect accessories for all occasions.

And who are we kidding? You’ve got all kinds of shoes stashed in your closet already! How did we know? Well, if the shoe fits…

Do you spend your mornings saying ‘I’ve got nothing to wear’ and spend hours hunting for the right pair? What you need to do is brush up your basics. Let us help you separate the essentials from the superfluous and ensure that you stand out with the right pair of shoes with this types of footwear list.

So, here’s a list of the ‘NEED TO OWN RIGHT AWAY’ shoes.


All That Shines

 types of footwear

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Metallic sandals are back in vogue and it looks like this trend is here to stay!

With silver, gold, bronze, and other metallic hues making a comeback this season, you definitely need to have a pair in your closet. They add zing to cut-off shorts, floral dresses, and even slim-fit denim. With futuristic designs and glossy finishes, they can help you slay that sassy boho look.

These sandals are available in every kind of style – pointy-toed slingbacks, gladiators, strappy flats, and more – and are the ideal complements to any outfit, regardless of the occasion. From office cocktail parties to a leisurely Sunday brunch – these sandals will ensure that you dazzle day in and day out.


The Tall And Short Of Itshoes8shoes9


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What’s a better way to prepare for winter than to invest in a cozy pair of leather boots?

With the recent fashion weeks bringing back the iconic 60’s look back, it’s high time that you jump on the bandwagon. Boots come in many forms, cuts, and lengths. However, what makes them really special is how functional they are, and how stylish! You can take your pick from various types, from patent leather boots to more contemporary boots made with wool, rubber, and other synthetic material.

Add a sleek edge to your look with thigh-high boots this season. Rock the equestrian look by pairing your jeans and tee with ankle-length leather boots. You can also opt for timeless suede paired with straight-cut trousers. Give subtle burgundy, navy, or gray shades a try and add a hint of tasteful colour to your look. Experiment with different types of heels like stilettos, wedges, and block heels to find the best fit for you.

Thigh highs are the new limits. Bring your fashion A-game, and stand out from the crowd.

High Fashion, Low Heels


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Ballet flats are a wardrobe staple.

Fuss-free, functional, comfortable, and sophisticated – they can be worn with any outfit! Your go-to shoes for any occasion, these slip-ons are available in a plethora of colors and patterns. From chic black to pastel designs, they can complement and break the monotony of your outfit like no other.

Pair these pretty flats with a box-pleated, layered, or ruffled skirt to nail that peppy preppy look. You can also wear them with pencil skirts or pegged trousers for the perfect office look.

The ‘Haute’ SneakerSHOES5

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Here’s another reason to take a break from your sky-high heels. Gear up by lacing up!

Sneakers are an enduring fashion trend that combine style with comfort. Available in abstract, animal, graphic, and typographic prints, these casual shoes are the talk of the town. Made of denim, canvas or lace, sneakers can upgrade any high street look in an instant.

Ease into a pair of boyfriend or distressed jeans with a flirty pair of neon sneakers. Or add some sizzle to your hot pants or skirts by putting on a pair of lace detailed high-tops. You can also wear them with a mini dress and a blazer for a fun feminine look.

Fashion can be fun too, indulge in a pair of sneakers today! 

Breaking Black

Black pumps.




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They will inspire envy, make your legs look endless and turn heads wherever you go. Amp up your style quotient with a classic pair of black pumps. They are a fashion essential that can be found in any woman’s closet and can upgrade your look instantaneously. They add a touch of flair to your outfit by subtly flattering your shape. They complement a-lined, straight-cut, and asymmetrical skirts of any color. The perfect equivalent of the little black dress, these pumps are versatile and timeless. Pair them with some ageless denim, bright shorts, slouchy trousers, or a monochrome outfit, and you’re good to go with these types of footwear.

Keep your feet on the ground and scale new heights with your black pumps.

Keep Walking with these types of footwear for a comfortable fashion walk.

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