5 Tips To Give You A Head Start College Style!

College campuses have always been the virtual fashion ramps, and this year also is no exclusion. College students, whether seniors or freshers; all roam in and around colleges sporting the newest and hottest fashion, from spaghetti to hoodies to skin-tight jeans to micro-minis college style. These inclinations towards high fashion is quite surprising as college students are supposedly always in financial crisis, struggling for some extra income and seen yearning for good yet affordable college books. However, they always try to keep themselves up in college style!

As the new session will soon arrive, you must also be planning to start afresh with some cool yet reasonably priced outfits and accessories. Let’s take a look at some amazing and trendy tips for this year College Style.

Dress according to place

If you really want to be out of the sight of the fashion police then you must choose the right style in accordance to the place and weather. College is meant for wearing trendy yet comfortable clothes and accessories. Do not wear heeled boots or high heel sandals to college. Instead step into pump shoes, comfortable slip-on or simply shoes. There are numerous styles available for this comfortable footwear and even you can select from an assortment of colors.

As far as clothing is concerned, try to avoid gaudy, exposing and glittered clothes. Aren’t these types of clothes meant for parties? Wear light clothes that can be adorned with matching footwear. No need to go for expensive and branded clothes, inexpensive clothes with elegant designs and colors can do wonders.

Mix and Match

With numerous style options in clothing, footwear and other fashion accessories, you can try to mix and match the things in order to make your own style statement. Capri, shorts, jeans and skirts can be teamed up with chic tops, earrings and even handbags. Choose the contrast colors, as this style always creates buzz. Go to a flea market to check out the hottest trends and to buy some amazing fashion stuff.

Accessorize Yourself

Even if you are a kind of person who does not like to carry bold accessories, you can go for some simple yet stylish looking stuff. Like wear some stoned rings, earrings etc. to complement your dress. You can even freshen up the senses by putting up a nice perfume. A refreshing smell will definitely turn everybody’s head towards you.

Give a Makeover

Plane Jane and boring Jack are indeed not acceptable in today’s fast and fashionable college world. Do you think you need a makeover? Then this is the correct time to go for it prior to starting a college. Makeover doesn’t mean to become a fashion icon, but just to make yourself comfortable and adjustable among your peers. Buy new clothes that can change your style. You can even change your boring spectacles and try to remove the braces, if any. Start wearing sunglasses to make you look chic. And that short flick-just wow!

Have Confident looks

Clothes, footwear and accessories- all are in vague if you are not confident about yourself. Wearing a confident look is the most vital part of your personality. If you feel self-assured and positive about your style then you can win all hearts without even making many efforts on your makeover. Always keep smiling, be friendly to everyone, do not get annoyed easily and concentrate on studies. All these traits will make you a style-statement. Your charming persona will attract everyone towards you and for sure you’ll be the most adorable student at college campus.

Hope these college style tips will help you in having a time of your life in the best spent college years!

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