5 things to add to your bucket list this summer

I have mine, you have yours! Some of us are lucky enough to fulfil it, some half way and some may not have initiated. Never mind, it’s a life’s journey and all of us would live it with satisfaction and knowing the fact that we have our own Bucket list and the grit to achieve it.

Here is a list of 5 things to do this summer

1. Head on a spontaneous road trip. Do it to see the live fun. Don’t plan, just hit the road. Even a weekend is good to do this. Pack a few clothes, forget your makeup kit, carry some essentials and just hit the road.
2. Read a book. We are all working, too busy and too tired to indulge even in a simple activity like book reading. This summer, make it a point to give just 10 minutes a day to reading a book. Do it for a week to get addicted of being taken to an all new world of a story and its protagonists.
3. Party at home with close relatives and friends. Instead of hitting a pub or a restaurant, party at home and invite all your close family and friends. Avoid acquaintances, office colleagues and neighbours. This has to be a party with people who matter.
4. Explore your city. When was the last time you went out other than shopping, movie, eating or meeting your friends. Explore your city and its lanes and find some of the most exotic and undiscovered experiences.
5. Hit a music concert. The aura, the enigma, the feel is different of live music amidst some 10,000 music fans. The shouts, the euphoria, the trance is at an altogether unimaginable height. You have to experience it to believe it. So, the next time watch a music concert live than on a TV telecast.

If you have something to add, we would love to hear.

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