5 Reasons to buy a luxury brand

Our wardrobe is a reflection of our extended reality. We get known by the brands we wear and the choices we make. It’s no new news that we eye multiple brands but identify more with a certain brand name. This brand name fits our lifestyles on various parameters. There is aways a reason to go for a particular brand. Sometimes it’s the value we attach to it, sometimes it’s the affordability and most of the times it’s the high we get inside them. Whatever the reason, the brand is a pure satisfaction to our ego.

Here are 5 reasons to buy a luxury brand.

1.Superb Craftsmanship– True luxury is hard to reproduce by machine. The high standards of hand crafting products is the embodiment of true luxury. The fine artistry, durability, and craftsmanship appeals to the buyer and sets the product apart and that is exactly why Louis Vuitton boasts of its handbags and suitcases. Some brands run their own factories for weaving fabrics to be used in their products. It’s a class apart with these brands.

2. Sophistication– Hey, that’s the main aim of the brand I eye for. It it ain’t oozing sophistication, it ain’t my piece. All my handbags are sophisticated pieces of craftsmanship. They echo my soul. They echo my life. They echo my pride. Have a look at Marc Jacobs leather goods to see what I mean.

3. High Quality– My bags last and they last really long. That is the fun of rolling those extra dices. The high quality speaks for itself. Luxury products are made of high quality raw materials and extra-special attention is paid to the minutest of accessories used like buttons, zips, chains and straps. The colour, texture, fabric, base material, accents, shimmers, labels- everything is finely crafted in detail.

4. Design– Design is the soul of any product be it handbags, clothing, shoes or suitcases. Luxury and design as concepts go hand in hand. Luxury and design as concepts are completely attached. In this era of mass production, what makes any luxury item stand out is its design, innovation and uniqueness. Luxury consumers have a simple ask- they just want to be surprised, and surprisingly luxury brands keep on delivering in this regard.

5. Excitement– There is a euphoria of excitement these luxury pieces generate. The excitement is to each his/her own. My Louis Vuitton bag takes me high to a pinnacle that only I can feel. It’s the excitement that gets me buy a bag. It’s the excitement that makes me swipe my card. It’s the excitement that makes me repeatedly buy a particular brand. Period.

Luxury is an aura. Luxury is personal. All luxury brands focus on craftsmanship, exclusivity, material and design. Whether it’s Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Versace, Burberry, Rolex or Hermes, every brand has a detailed eye for its customers. They know what and why of their customers and they deliver accordingly. Every brands has carved its own distinct place in the market and is working non-stop in retaining its spot.

For some consumers, a sense of accomplishment is a reason for buying luxury goods. For some, a luxury item goes a long way in increasing their self-esteem and a sense of belonging to the list of people who can afford to buy these brands. Luxury investing is a lifestyle investment. There is a trust, security, contentment and confidence these brands provide.

We all have our reasons to buy luxury stuff. These are some of the reasons I identify with. For me, my bag is an extension of myself. It represents my thoughts, my style and my lifestyle. With this it’s a wrap. I’ll see you with another article soon. Till then, take care!

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