5 Quick ways to be Zoom call ready in 2 minutes

Amazing style tips for your online meetings
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This is the digital era. From interviews to client meetings to personal chats, everything is online. You cannot not be ready for a professional Zoom call. A professional Zoom call has to be treated with respect and etiquettes have to be shown. Let’s discuss how we can look more professional over a video call or FaceTime or Zoom meeting. These are some quick tricks that do not empty your wallet and are easy to do.

5 Quick ways to be Zoom call ready in 2 minutes


So the first step is to adjust your camera angle perfectly. Whenever I attend any zoom video call or any other video chat, I first check my camera angle. This is a very small factor but makes a huge impact. An untidy background or the one that distorts your silhouette is a NO NO. Check your camera angle and background beforehand and make it as a permanent spot for all your online meetings.


Adjust your lighting appropriately. Now lighting is a very subjective factor but you should always prefer bright lighting. Your face should be clearly visible without a halo effect.

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The best lighting you can have is not some expensive chandelier or gorgeous ring lamp but the one where you sit beside your window and work.


Avoid a messy background with a lot of your stuff lying here and there. Your background has to be neat and tidy and clean. There are a lot of virtual zoom backgrounds available online.

You can always choose them. Just ensure that the viewers get delighted with your view.


Because it is an interview online does not mean that you do not have to dress up. So organise yourself, make your hair, put on some makeup and dress professionally.

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Wear a formal top and never sit in your pyjamas thinking nobody will see (hehe). Dress appropriately head to toe.

Men, be ready in your formal attire or as the situation demands. A lot of offices go easy when working from home. Dress as your job demands.

It is alright to have some water or coffee or tea beside you.


Remember nobody likes looking at dull or unpleasant or sad faces, so keep smiling, and have some glow in your eyes and the enthusiasm in your voice.

Also, maintain your body posture. Don’t put your hand over the head. Maintain an upright and joyful posture. 

Source: Bloomberg

Don’t hunch your shoulders or slide down on your chair. Make a good impression because you want to put your best foot forward.

These were my five tips and believe me, they make a huge difference. Next time when you sit for a video chat, observe others. Learn from them and make the necessary alignments at your end.

Have a good meeting!

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