5 Questions to ask yourself before buying clothing

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I ask myself these 5 questions before buying clothing, shoes or jewellery. Life is much sorted now.

Our 5 Questions to ask yourself before buying clothing will change your life and wardrobe for good. Be mindful, be responsible and be fashionable for the right reasons.

I swear by Livia Firth’s 30 Wears campaign. She has changed my life. I have saved myself and my friends a lot of bucks. They thank me, yes they do. Read this article to thank me too. I am about to save you a lot of bucks.

Here are the 5 questions you must ask yourself before buying clothing, shoes or anything for that matter.

1. Do I need this piece? There is a difference between need and desire.

2. Do I have a similar piece? If yes, leave it.

3. Will I wear this at least 30 times? Go the Livia Firth way.

4. Will it last 30 washes? This will tell you if it’s a high quality piece.

5. Will I want to wear this in a year’s time or next season?

Your answers will determine your purchase and ensure that you more than often decide for the right- right purchase, right reason, right impact on your wardrobe, right impact on yourself and right impact on the environment.

In the last 5 years I have given away ample clothes with tags on. The clothes had become redundant, out of fashion, out of size or just out of choice. I wondered at myself on what was I thinking while buying all of those pieces of clothing. It was just that now, instead of giving hard cash, I was giving my clothes away. It was unacceptable.

Well, at the end of the day- my money was wasted. I don’t want to even sum total the amount I wasted, it’s embarrassing and I cringe at my idiocy. Sense has prevailed and I would urge all of you to ask yourself these 5 questions before buying clothing. Chances are, you’ll make better purchase decisions. I am in no way stopping you from buying new items. I am just requesting you to be mindful of your purchases. Our landfills are full of clothing and other waste. Just one small step at our end will save our souls and save our planet.

If your children want chocolates every single day, you don’t give them. Just don’t give yourself mindless shopping, that’s it. Rest, you are mature and intelligent.

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