5 Outdated Fashion Trends that you should stop following right away

outdated fashion trends
Here are 5 fashion trends that are outdated for 2019. Source – more

Fashion is such a dynamic concept. It keeps changing year after year, and with every season. While there are some trends and styles that are always in vogue, like denim on denim or a classic white shirt, but some trends become outdated and it is time you know about them.

outdated fashion trends
Here are 5 fashion trends that are outdated for 2019. Source – more

We got you a list of 5 Outdated Fashion Trends that you should stop following right away.

1.Cold Shoulder Tops

They came and conquered our hearts and closets. But in 2019, cold shoulder tops and dresses are an outdated fashion trend. But we’re not complaining because the trend that’s replaced this is – one shoulder outfits.

worst fashion trends 2019
Fashion experts say cold shoulder tops are so 2017. Source – fashionyou

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2. Ear Cuffs

I loved ear cuffs, and am super sad writing this! They added such an edge to the look. Bold and beautiful, but now we can’t flaunt them! Make way for danglers instead, petite ones or the big chunky ones, the choice is yours!

3. Cropped Flared Denims

Cropped flared denims are a no-no for 2019. Replace them with mom jeans, which have become the flavor of the season. They are more comfortable, look super stylish, and are so versatile to style.

Adding to the denim list, denim leggings are also so passé! They top the list of outdated fashion trends of 2018 and you should definitely not be flaunting them anymore.

outdated fashion trends 2018
Mom jeans are the new trend that everyone loves! Source – ASOS

4. Polka Dots

Polka dots are one trend that has been going on since ages. But sadly fashion experts say that it is one of the 5 outdated fashion trends that you should stop following right away.

Experiment with other prints like abstract, Aztec etc, geometric patterns, or tie and dye instead of polka dots. They are more millennial and would make you look ramp ready!

fashion trends 2019
Here’s how you mix prints and rock them! Source – all that she wants

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5. Chokers

The 90s trend that saw a major comeback in 2017 and 2018. But it is a outdated fashion trend for 2019. Be it those leather ones, studded chokers, or dainty ones, it is time to put them back in the closet and part ways with them.

Opt for dainty gold or rose gold layered neckpieces. They look feminine and are apt for both formal and casual looks.

outdated fashion trends
How cute are these! Source – etsy

Although it’s said that you define fashion and there are no rules, but when you know these trends are outdated, why wear them. Go for something retro or sexy and classic!

Hope this list helps you amp up your style quotient and you make an impressive choice. Also don’t forget to get connected with us on – FacebookTwitterInstagram to know more about fashion, lifestyle, and self betterment.

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