5 Must have bags this season!

Own that Tote, own that clutch, even own that hobo– more the merrier. Summer on the rocks in less than a month’s time now! My time of the year starts soon and I can’t wait to adieu winters. As an ode to the coming summers, here is a list of 5 Must have bags this season.

Here we go, peek a boo…

1. Give me Red. It’s a must to have a red bag. Carry it in any shape but there is nothing like a big red bag. Check out this bold red bag from Veev. Doesn’t it look spectacular? Red is the color of the season and takes away at-least 10 years off your look. 

2. Day Bags: Yes, day bags have an identity of their own. Keep them soft and subtle. Compliment your floral dresses and jumpsuits and speak a story. These bags compliment coffee plans and so easily blend into the atmosphere.3. Color me crazy: A bag in a color hardly seen. Away from the black n whites and pinks and greys, a bag in a seldom color is a must to be the talk of that party. Invest in a color rarely seen. There are many shades of blues and pinks, but buy that shade hardly seen! Swamp the party.

4. Sling it up : Chain the bag fashion trends and get yourself a nice sling bag. Wear it side ways or across the chest for that uber chic look. Sling it over dresses, jeans, skirts or even your salwaar kamiz- this trend is for that carefree attitude.

5. Bigger the better. Carry your world along with you. Perfect for long days, holidays and office days. My personal favorites and the most convenient. Keep on filling them and they promise to be never full!Bags identify us, say alot about us. Let’s Expresso beautiful bags and the endless conversations with them!

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