5 Habits to start for better skin

I always talk about the importance of saving our skin from the harsh environmental factors. A lot of our skin woes are genetic, there is so much that our environment contributes to akin ageing and dulling. While we cannot reverse the process of ageing, here are a few easy things we can do for a better skin. With SOS day plans, easy is the only thing we need.

5 Habits to start for better skin

  1. Have a good night sleep
    We all know about the emotional, physical and psychological benefits of a good sleep. It doesn’t end there. Our body removes dead blood cells and toxins while we are asleep so it’s utmost important to sleep like a baby. Not getting enough sleep can take a toll on our skin, so every hour matters.

  2. Follow a skin care routine everyday
    I always feel confident when my skin behaves in the most friendly manner. My AM:PM skincare routine has helped a lot in that. Over the months, I’ve seen a considerable change in my skin’s health with regular care. Our body needs our attention, always. It’s always fun to try new products. I’m in love with the Minimalist Vitamin C 10% + AG 1% daily serum. The goodness of vitamin C has brightened my dull skin. The serum gets instantly absorbed by the skin.
    Having a skin care routine is a habit you must inculcate right now for a healthy skin.

  3. SPF, SPF, SPF. I can’t stress enough on the use of a good spf in your lotion, sunscreen, moisturiser et al. I’m using Cheryl’s DermaShade SPF 30 Spray and it’s a treat. Whatever your brand, don’t leave home without a strong layer of spf.

  4. Hands off your face. We don’t realise but we keep touching our face throughout the day. Keep your hands off your face and do yourself a big favour.

  5. Pay attention to what you eat. We are what we eat. Our diet and nutrition make a huge impact on our skin. Pay attention to the foods that trigger breakouts. You might have sensitivity to some food items that you aren’t even aware of. Try to incorporate a lot of anti ageing foods in your list like avocado, spinach, nuts, blueberries and broccoli. Broccoli is my favourite, by the way.

    I can go on and on with the list but start with these 5 Habits for better skin. These are some of the easiest to start with!
    Let me know in the comments if you have any other skin habit that has helped you with your skin.

XX, Tanya

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