5 essential features of a Laptop Backpack

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I live out of my laptop which in most cases means carrying it around wherever I go. So, whether you are a college kid, a teacher, a corporate worker, a sales professional, a doctor, a freelancer (like me), a writer (like me) or anyone who needs to be connected to the laptop for most part of the day, would know the importance of a backpack. Not only a backpack makes life easier, it definitely adds to the cool quotient provided you carry the right one. Here are 5 essential features that one must keep in mind while choosing and buying a Laptop backpack.

Laptop backpacks
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  1. Attractive. The laptop bag has to be really cool and attractive because it is an extension of your personality. The laptop bag has to be carried to college, office, daily meetings and it has to be presentable and pleasing to everyone. A shabby bag is like an eye sore. So, choose a bag that is as vibrant as your personality.
  2. Ample space for you laptop, charger, notebook. A laptop backpack should have enough pockets and compartments to carry all the essentials with you. Not only space for a charger, notebook but also space for everyday essentials to carry along. For a college student, there should be enough space to carry some books. For an office goer, enough space to carry some folders and documents. Anticipate all the items that you need to carry daily and accordingly pick a bag.
  3. Sturdy. A laptop is a delicate piece that needs to be carried around with care and protection. Make sure the laptop bag is strong and sturdy to carry this delicate beauty around. Any harsh impact can cause a dent or a broken screen or tamper with the functioning leading to unnecessary expenditure and hassle. So ensure, that the backpack provides transportation aswell as protection. It should also be water resistant incase of rain or any water spill.
  4. Snug Fit. The compartment to carry the laptop should be padded and be able to hold the laptop tightly to avoid any possible damage while transportation. Check the laptop carrying compartment and it should match the size of your laptop. For online purchase, the specifications of the laptop bag and the compartment size will help you determine the correct laptop backpack.
  5. Comfort. The best part about a laptop backpack is that it keeps your arms free. Look for a bag with comfortable shoulder strap. Go for padded straps incase the bag becomes heavy due to everyday essentials. Look for a roller backpack for excessive travelling.

There are many styles of Laptop Backpacks available in the market and in every budget. Some really cool Laptop bags are even available under Rs 1000. Go ahead with the one that is an ace on all the required features. Invest in a good laptop bag because it goes wherever you go.

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