5 Easy ways to integrate sustainable fashion into your wardrobe

With the increasing focus on sustainable living and practices, it’s time to transform our wardrobes and make choices that help the planet. By integrating sustainable fashion into our lives and wardrobes, we can make very stylish statements without compromising on our fashion sense. Here are 5 easy ways to integrate sustainable fashion into your wardrobe. I’m practicing them everyday.

Build a wardrobe with Timeless Appeal 
This is what I swear by! I buy clothes that have timeless appeal and this forms the foundation of my sustainable fashion wardrobe. Pick clothes that have a classic appeal and transcend the test of time. This reduces the need of frequent purchases and cultivates a sustainable and enduring style.

Upcycle your wardrobe
This is the coolest thing you can do. Upcycle your wardrobe wherever and whenever possible. It is the creative use of existing products. You can use a 1 metre cloth lying waste in your house to make a creative table mat, a nice scarf, a pillow cover or anything that excites you and does justice to the cloth as well as your money in recreating it.

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Go for For Versatile And Multi-Functional Pieces 
This is a good way to maximise the potential of your wardrobe. Select versatile and multi-functional pieces that can provide multi styling options. Pick pieces that can easily be mixed and matched to magically create multiple outfits, and thus allowing you to maximise your fashion choices. 

Create a Mindful Wardrobe 
Be conscious of your purchases and regularly assess your clothing collection. The existing wardrobe is a storehouse of amazing pieces that you can rewear, recycle, repurpose, restyle and reuse. Breathe a new life into your existing garments via different styling techniques, mix & match, alterations, or accessories.

Buy Ethical Fashion Brands 
Support ethical and transparent brands and look for certifications like Fair Trade, which further validate brands’ commitment to social responsibility. These brands make products using sustainable materials, and provide fair wages and safe working conditions to their employees. 

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Make the most of these 5 easy ways to integrate sustainable fashion into your wardrobe and be proud of your choices. We are what we wear. With every fashion decision we make, we become an influencer of change. And we never know when we inspire others to join the sustainable movement towards a stylish and earth friendly way of living. 

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