5 Amazing style tips for your online meetings

Amazing style tips for your online meetings
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You should approach an online meeting in a similar fashion, as you would a face to face offline meeting. Dress for the occasion, whether online or offline. Of course, online meetings can have some leeways in dressing up, but the whole vibe has to be sparkly. Put your best foot forward, online or offline.

Clothes have super powers. They can make or break your look. Formal clothes have their aura and you’ll instantly feel pepped up in a pair of trousers as against torn jeans. Formal clothes make a huge impact on conducting one’s self and creating an impression. 

Here we go with some tips that are simple yet sophisticated. The simplicity in your outfit can still lead to a gorgeous you.

5 Amazing style tips for your online meetings

1) Don’t wake up from your bed straight away

Just because the camera shows only the top half of your body does not mean that you would be half dressed. Dressing top to toe has two advantages. Firstly, getting fully dressed in an official attire will give the psychological feel of an online professional meeting and you would perform better.

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Secondly, you never know when you have to get up to fetch a pen or a glass of water. Don’t let anything take your vibe away.

2) Go very modest

In any meeting, the focus should be on you and your personality. Avoid heavy jewellery as it can side track the attention to your accessories more than the purpose of the meeting.

Too much of heavy jewellery or heavy clothing can disturb the pleasant feel of the meeting. Who wants to be all dolled up at home, anyway. Be pleasing to the eye and the vibe of the meeting.

3) Watch your colours

We have online meetings with colleagues, bosses and clients. The online meeting can be an interview too. Choose vibrant colours or warm colours but keep it romantic. By romantic I mean keep the colours playful and pleasing to the eyes. Incase you are unsure about the colours, use your camera and check how the colours look in a particular setting.

I am in no way suggesting pale and neutral colours. Keep your spirit alive and be yourself. Just that, dress for the occasion.

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4) Put on a neutral makeup

The best bosses seen around have stuck to neutral or a little underused makeup. Online meetings can be tricky sometimes. Even a little more makeup that you would use for your day today wear some times may look a little overboard depending upon your lighting or your camera angle. It is the best to stay neutral and be yourself. 

Keep your makeup as per the occasion.

If you want, put on good shoes and get the meeting vibe. It is perfectly alright to do so. I personally love wearing sandals and be ready for my meetings as if they were happening in an offline scenario. It’s optional. Do as you like.

5) Style your hair

One important thing is how we set our hair. Now we being girls or ladies have a huge tendency to play with our hair when the screen comes in front of us. 

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Tie your hair in a neat manner or style it in a way that it doesn’t fall on your face. This not only prevents you from fidgeting but also makes you look stylish. 

These were 5 Amazing style tips for your online meetings. Dress up, be comfortable, stay relaxed and rise to the occasion. Don’t compromise when it comes to style.

All the best!

Nail your online meetings!

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