3 Winter Clothes to turn heads

So you have a party to go to and hate the fact that your hot Zara dress will be hidden under layers of thick wool? Sure winters are fun, and the way the early morning fog clings on to the trees and buildings looks gorgeous, but it sure isn’t fun when you need to dress for a party or a club. I love winters and everything about it- the fog, the chills, the rush for coffee every now and then, and, of course, winter clothes. If at the very thought of winter clothes your mind conjures up the picture of some frumpy lady dressed in a shapeless, thick black pullover, dark blue jeans and dull grey jacket with tie-up shoes, then you must not have picked up a magazine for a very long time. The other day someone told me that winter clothes are like uniforms, unimaginative and monotonous, and I could not disagree more.

In this article I am going to tell you how you can look like a million bucks and still keep yourself warm enough to fend off the biting cold.

3 Ways to Dress to Inspire Awe:

1. Sweater Dresses: Drum rolls, please. Sweater dresses are the thing to go for if you want to show off those curves and keep yourself warm at the same time. Sweater dresses come in a wide array of colours, patterns, lengths and textures to suit individual preferences. After having selected the dress, add layers to it. A nice pair of woollen tights paired with high boots and a sturdy black handbag will earn you an edgy look. When sporting this look keep the accessories and make up to a minimum.

2. Dress it up: Just because it is winter there is no reason to lock up all your dresses, to be opened next summer. Colours are underplayed in the winter and need to be used more. Add some colour to the season by wearing your favourite black dress over a thin long-sleeved, striped pullover. Wear another bright and solid coloured cardigan over the attire. The whole point of wearing two sweaters is to keep you warm. Team it up with some tights and bright flats. You can also add a slim belt to emphasize the waist. The whole assemble will give you a bright, willowy look and will set you apart from the seas of black, grey and brown.

3. The ‘denim’ way: If you think jeans are just regular wear that cannot add glamour or style to your every day wear then think again. Jeans and ankle boots are best chums and they look great together. Invest in a pair of good fitting skinny jeans and some nice ankle boots. Wear a bright, warm woollen pullover and top it off with a chic, solid coloured waist-length overcoat. Make sure the colour of the overcoat and the boots are in sync with each other. Accessorise with a bright handbag and the overall look would be posh yet chic. When opting for a dark, solid colored overcoat make sure you balance it out by carrying a bright handbag. Bright handbags serve as great accessories and instantly elevate your attire.

Winter clothes are creative and fun to mix and match with. Tights, boots and bright flats, handbags and scarves are a must to get through the season. This winter let your wardrobe prowess give you an extra reason to smile about and as always, don”t forget the magic mantra of keeping it stylish…

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