3 Unexpected Valentine’s Day date ideas you’ll love!

cute valentines day date ideas
Enjoy Valentine’s Day with these cute date ideas. Source – wallpaper.net

The Valentine’s fever is upon us and it is that time of the year when we all look for creative Valentine’s Day date ideas. A romantic dinner and shopping are the ‘bae’sic options, but if you’re looking for something really unique – then here are our picks of 3 unexpected Valentine’s Day date ideas. Every idea is a delight.

Presenting top 3 unexpected Valentine’s Day date ideas.

1. Have fun at a concert

There’s nothing more romantic than music! For all you music lovers we have an unexpected Valentine’s Day date idea – enjoy a concert. There are many concerts that happen and especially during Valentines.

unexpected valentines day date ideas
A night of music, dancing, and fun – perfect Valentine’s Date idea! Source – eventbrite

Search for options online and enjoy a mesmerizing musical evening with your bae! The perfect winter weather, romance in the air, and your favourite artists performing – indeed it will be a Valentines to remember.

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2. Go watch a play

Watching a play has its own charm. Book tickets for a romantic play, or if you like some other genres like comedy, horror etc, then go for the same. There are so many options available online. Relive the old world love and embrace happy times with this creative Valentine’s Day date idea! You could also enjoy a theatrical at Kingdom of Dreams if you’re in Delhi NCR. Find options in your city and charm her with this unique Valentine’s Day date idea.

Zangoora at Kingdom of Dreams – witness grandeur and enjoy an unexpected Valentine’s date night.
Source – Zangoora Facebook

3. Museum hopping

If you and your partner are history lovers (just like I and my partner are), then this is the perfect choice for you to spend an amazing time on Valentine’s Day! Satiate your love for history by visiting some of the amazing museums in Delhi. You could also include art galleries or historical monuments in the list. Don’t think of what others will say. What couples do on Valentine’s is their choice. It’s their day of love and they can celebrate any way they like.

If you’re a history lover like us, then a museum date will be super romantic!

Some of the most popular museums in Delhi are – National Museum, Rail Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art, National Science Center, National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum. You can find similar ones in your city. You’ll be surprised to find such hidden gems.

If you’re not the cheesy couple and want unexpected Valentine’s Day date ideas then these will be great options. Share this post with your friends and surprise them with some good Valentine’s Day ideas.

Enjoy the day with your special someone and express love in the most unique way! After all your bond is as special as you and this is the perfect way to celebrate it. You can also check our list of Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift ideas to further amp up the day.

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Have fun and enjoy the day. Love is a beautiful feeling.

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